7 Foods That Make You Bloated & 7 Foods To Stop Bloating

Many people are interested in eating delicious meals on holidays that sometimes become the reason of bloating. Bloating is caused when your intestine or stomach is build up with gas.

Bloating is also linked with digestive system of the body. Overeating is its main cause however there are also some foods that make you bloated. For example, the foods which are enriched with fiber or fatty in nature.

Foods that make bubbles in your intestine should also be evaded if you want to get rid of bloating. Too much retention of water in your body can also be the reason of bloating. It is really annoying and also makes you lazy. But no need to worry about as it can be avoided if you eat healthy foods.

Bloating is when your belly feels swollen or enlarged after eating. Keep your digestive system humming along by eating flat-belly foods and avoiding those that bloat. #bloatingrelief #bloatingremedies

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Here I am sharing some foods that make you bloated. Just avoid eating these foods and protect yourself from bloating.

7 Foods that are Making you Bloated

1. Beer

Beer contains too many bubbles and can make you bloated. According to the research study, beer includes alcohol which can make the growth of bacteria fast in your small intestine. Bacterial overgrowth can make you feel inflated.

Alcohol and Swelling

2. Frozen Dinners

Always check the quantity of sodium before purchasing processed food. More salt is added in canned soups and frozen dinners for boosting its flavor as well as increasing its shelf life. Water is retained in the body due to more quantity of salt and makes you bloated.

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3. Dairy

If you are sensitive to dairy then you might feel bloated by eating the products which are made with milk. Gas is released with the breakdown of milk and gives you an uncomfortable feeling. People who are lactose intolerant can also face the same problem on eating dairy products.

Things that Cause Gas and Bloating

4. Broccoli

Veggies are enriched with fiber that is why these are hard to digest and more likely create gas in GI tract. Veggies such as broccoli and kale include raffinose that can produce gas and create bloating feeling. On the other side, veggies are also enriched with several nutrients and these should not be completely eluded. For avoiding bloating, you must cook your veggies as this heat will break down few fibers.

Can Broccoli Cause Gas

5. Legumes

Breakdown of legumes is very difficult. Legumes contain fiber and sugar that generates gas in gut. Later this gas becomes the reason of bloating. However, you cannot totally avoid eating legumes because these also contain protein, folate and iron. It’s better to evade edamame and beans.

Legume Diet Weight Loss

6. Diet Soda

Diet soda is full of bubbles plus it is manufactured with artificial sweeteners which are indigestible. According to research, artificial sweeteners disturb microbiota that can make your belly big. Bloating is a key problem associated with diet soda.

Are Diet Sodas Good for You

7. Gum

More often gum is swallowed during chewing and along with it some extra air also gets in the digestive tract. This will make you feel bloated. Some people think that sugar-free gum is not hazardous however they are not aware with the fact that it has artificial sweeteners. These sweeteners are complex to breakdown and cause gassy feeling.

Teeth Gum Disease

7 Healthy Foods to Eat for Avoiding Bloating

Following foods can help you avoid the effects of bloating.

1. Bananas

Bananas are high in potassium that can reverse the harmful effect of sodium. With the help of bananas, you can regulate sodium levels of your body.

Banana Fruit for Constipation Cure

2. Watermelon

Water retention is another cause of bloating as we have discussed earlier. For avoiding it, try to eat water-filled foods for flushing out extra water. Watermelon is the best example that will not only flush out surplus water but is also rich in potassium.

What are the Health Benefits of Eating Watermelon

3. Fennel

Fennel seeds are very effective for improved digestion. These seeds can also eliminate surplus water from your body. You can easily use fennel in pasta or meat dishes.

Health Benefits of Fennel Tea

4. Peppermint

Peppermint is another best product for the smooth functioning of stomach. Oil made with peppermint can assist you in fighting against gas and cramping. So whenever you feel bloated, just take a cup of tea made with peppermint. You will feel much better and your gassy feeling will peter out.

Peppermint Oil and Irritable Bowel Syndrome

5. Ginger

There are several belly advantages of ginger. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory property. Ginger can fight against many problems such as bloating, aging, improper digestion, etc. Consume ginger made tea for avoiding bloated feeling.

What health benefits does ginger have

6. Cucumber

Cucumber is considered as a best friend of the belly with respect to bloating. This vegetable contains quercetin that has anti-inflammatory property and can decrease swelling.

Cucumber Kidney Stones

7. Papaya

An enzyme named as papain is present in papaya that can prevent tummy problems. Proteins can be broken down by papain in GI tract and makes digestion easier.

Papaya - Foods that fight bloating and gas

All these foods are found to be very effective in preventing bloating. Eat them and feel the difference in your gassy feeling.

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