Why You Should Be Drinking THIS at Breakfast

Another recent study revealed that men who were suffering from cancer consumed green tea for a specific period and they had a low level of inflammation which is one of the results of prostate cancer growth.

Let’s check out what more amazing benefits can be gained through the usage of green tea:


It’s a bomb package of giving you a healthier heart. It’s really good to protect the heart and keeping it healthy. It contains powerful antioxidants that are beneficial for the lowering of your blood pressure. If you want to add extra flavor n benefits in your tea, then add lemon. It is good source of vitamin C which helps in absorption of antioxidant at higher rates.


It is not only an energy booster but also built the stamina of your body. Those, who consumes a cup of green tea each day likely to get less tired as compare to those who don’t have it. It activates the mind and body amazingly.

According to the past research, an experiment was done on mice and it was astonishing to find out, that by the consumption of the extract of green tea, their endurance increased by 24%.

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