Why You Should Be Drinking THIS at Breakfast

The first thing that you want to have, after you wake up in the morning, is a cup of coffee or tea. This is the general pattern of most of the people. It is really good to have tea or coffee in the morning as it has a lot of benefits for health.

Coffee is an excellent beverage to boost up your energy level, your mind and your body. So, is the benefits of tea. It helps in awakening your body and mind well. These are not only good in taste but also full of numerous health benefits too. According to a research in America, it’s declared as a top source of antioxidant which is proven to be extremely beneficial for the control of diabetes. These helps in keeping the body hydrated, reduces the risk of heart diseases, prevents tooth decay etc. But those who are tea lovers specially the green tea lovers, surely have an upper hand.

Green tea has been proven the best in all the morning beverage. A research was conducted by a medical Centre of Columbia’s University in which it was proven that women suffering from breast cancer, got their conditions, Polyphenon E, improved by the regular usage of green tea.

Green Tea a Day

In another experiment, 40 women who were suffering from life-threatening disease, cancer, were assigned placebo with dosage from 400 mg – 800 mg. It was given twice a day for six months. To check the effects and results, they were fully monitored and samples were taken after a couple of months. The results concluded out of it was amazing as those women who consumed that extract on regular basis had less growth of hepatocyte factor. The hepatocyte is involved in the growth of cells. The comparison was among women with placebo and the others were not infused placebo.

There was no significant difference among both but those who consumed that extract for continuous six months had lower cholesterol and also endothelial growth was significantly decreased. Endothelial is such a kind of protein which begins and stimulate the growth of cancer cells and its spread in the body. But out of all previous research, we can’t declare green tea to prevent cancer since those researches are on the small scale. But yes, we can surely say that green tea is a treasure of benefits for human body and human health.

Another recent study revealed that men who were suffering from cancer consumed green tea for a specific period and they had a low level of inflammation which is one of the results of prostate cancer growth.

Let’s check out what more amazing benefits can be gained through the usage of green tea:


It’s a bomb package of giving you a healthier heart. It’s really good to protect the heart and keeping it healthy. It contains powerful antioxidants that are beneficial for the lowering of your blood pressure. If you want to add extra flavor n benefits in your tea, then add lemon. It is good source of vitamin C which helps in absorption of antioxidant at higher rates.


It is not only an energy booster but also built the stamina of your body. Those, who consumes a cup of green tea each day likely to get less tired as compare to those who don’t have it. It activates the mind and body amazingly.

According to the past research, an experiment was done on mice and it was astonishing to find out, that by the consumption of the extract of green tea, their endurance increased by 24%.


Not only it gives you a healthy heart, active metabolism, but also helps in maintaining a slimmer and sleek body. If you want to say goodbye to fats, then have it regularly. It contains an antioxidant named as catechins which is amazing to blast the fats of belly. According to a study, have caffeine free fatty acids because it burning of fats more rapidly and easily. Adding lemon in green tea is even more beneficial for the shedding of fats as lemon also works wonder for the reduction of the weight. If you really want to enjoy the benefits of this magic drink, then don’t forget to sip one cup of green tea every day.


Another benefit of green tea is allergy relief. according to Japanese researchers, an antioxidant compound is found in green tea has been proven extremely beneficial for the strengthening of immune system and for curing and minimizing the effects of different kind of allergies like pollen allergy, dust allergy pet dander etc. It increases immunity of body in such a way that our body is able to fight with minor diseases easily.


Green tea also helps in keeping a better memory. It strengthened the mind and also protects the brain for the minor memory loss issues. It also in improving the nervous system also improves the circulation of blood in the body.

According to a recent Canadian study, an experiment as done on snails. These snails were inundated in such a water which was suffused with an antioxidant named as epicatechin and as a result, the memory of those snails were improved amazingly. This antioxidant is present in also present in the green tea and it functions the same. According to scientists, it is excellent for human memory improvement a strengthening of human brain too.

In addition to the number of various health benefits of green tea mentioned above, it has also been found, in many researches that it boosts up the working of the liver. It is also involved in strengthening the bones and the prevention of bone diseases like osteoporosis, arthritis etc. However, if you want to maximize the benefits of green tea, then refrain from using artificial tea bags and prefer to use the most natural source, i.e. the green tea leaves itself. For ideal results, brew green tea leaves in warm water, cover it for few minutes and use it without adding sugar. It will not only add flavor in your cup but will also infuse more antioxidants in your energy drink. Enjoy your drink!

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