Why Bubble Tea is Less Healthy Than Regular Tea?

The Verdict on Bubble Tea: Highly Unhealthy & Loaded with Sugar-Drenched Calories

Bubble tea has now emerged as the latest Instagram obsession, but a few years, no one knew about it. Today, it is a massively popular beverage that you find everywhere on the streets and even high-end venues. Even though the word tea implies that the beverage is healthy, bubble tea, also known as boba, is the unhealthiest choice you could possibly make.

A report by Reader’s Digest offered insight that bubbles are actually rounded pieces of tapioca, known as the tapioca pearls, which have been derived by extracting starch from cassava root, a nut-like vegetable harvested in South America. Now, since it is extracted from a vegetable, it ought to be healthy right? Wrong!

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You see, these tapioca pearls are boiled, and then lathered with sugar and honey to enhance the flavor which causes these bubbles to have at least 160 calories in every per quarter serving. An entire cup of bubble tea would provide you around 400 calories given all the syrups and sugar that have been added to enhance the flavor. Now, if you are too conscious about piling up those additional and unnecessary calories, do consider the fact that bubble tea does not have any kind of nutrients, minerals of vitamins to offer your body.

Nutritionists and experts strongly advise people to consume tea as it is considered healthy in almost every culture of the globe, be it the iconic Matcha tea or an English tea breakfast with buttered sandwiches and pastries. However, bubble tea is nothing but sugar hidden in the disguise of tea.

One cup of normal tea, which contains no calories and sugar, is turned into a bubble beverage that is loaded with 400 calories that have been derived from tapioca starch, fruit jelly and sugar. It is extremely surprising to note that such an unhealthy tea variation has gained so much popularity despite the powerful movements that advocate healthy eating and mindful living. In short, if you want to enjoy a bubble, buy yourself some gum or fresh mint instead of bubble tea as it will pack up lesser calories and cause less harm to your dental health.

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