Surprising Foods That Give You Bloating and Gas

Whether Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady may reveal their 80/20 diet plan (80% nutritious and 20% non-nutritious food) or Blake Lively may tell her secret of cutting out all kind of soy and glutten part from diet, but people do not need to follow all these buzzing big name’s food plans to choose a perfect diet plan for themselves.

In 2005, a research-group in Australia found reasons behind IBS and GI problems. Some people have difficulty in digestion of short chain carbs which are contained in every high FODMAP diet. Approximately 45 million Americans have been found to be experiences gut issues and the associated bloating problem with it.

Find out which surprising foods will lead to bloating and gas in stomach.

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Surprisingly, High FODMAP level is found in almost every kind of food plan which includes healthy milk products, fruits and vegetables and so on.


You must be getting anxious to know what the acronym stands for? It is for Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides, and Polyols. But doesn’t this make the situation appear worse where even your favorite healthy foods need to be avoided or else you will be having a bit of trouble.

Which foods basically trigger bloating? Such unsuspected foods have been revealed by Travis Stork, who is host of The Doctors and author of The Doctor’s Diet.

Here comes a list of culprits which are creating all the trouble for you and making you lose confidence in public sometimes.

Firstly, Simple Reminders For You Before You Begin

Follow a Strategy to form your FODMAP Food Plan

Plans can never work without a strategy. Dr. Stork suggested a strategy which is called “elimination diet” where you will be eliminating FODMAP subgroups one by one instead of avoiding all of the foods forever. After you will be done with eliminating all of them, you will be trying out one food from one subgroup at a time to know which foods trigger your problems. So, you don’t have to cut out all your favorite foods that are healthy and non-troubling.

Fodmap Dinner Ideas

Symptoms Are Cumulative In Effect

Another revelation that comes from Dr. Stork is that symptoms of stomach issues due to having FODMAP foods are aggregative in effect. Having a lesser amount of high FODMAP food may not annoy you but a little bit of various FODMAP eatables can create discomfort and bloating may return. Yeah! So the good news is you don’t have to avoid these foods completely.

Level of Tolerance Towards FODMAP Quantities Varies

Stork gives an example of getting a little amount of garlic in your salad then it can be okay for you as long as your body can bear that much quantity of it. He says that everyone is different and has different capacity to tolerate and digest FODMAP foods.

Fructose containing Fruits and Vegetables

There are many healthy fruits having high fructose amount in them like apples, asparagus, pears and peaches. They are among high FODMAP level on the graph of such foods. An apple a day might keep the doctor away but contrarily apples can cause harm to people with GI problems.

Fruits and veggies with fructose

Cooking sauces can’t have good flavor without garlic and onion but they again have achieved a higher position on FODMAP foods graph. If you are in some restaurant, you can always order for something without garlic in them.


Vegetarians mostly are in love with such high in protein black beans, kidney beans and soy beans which make up a great part of their daily diet. But unfortunately, they are trigger foods from FODMAP which cause bloating and discomfort.

Instead of munching on a bowl of hummus, it has been suggested by Dr. Stork that you can have lentils and chickpeas instead.

Health Benefits of Garbanzo Beans

Chamomile Tea

Often when you are having some gut problem, a cup of chamomile tea is suggested to soothe the ache, specifically in your stomach. It may shock you but, chamomile tea is another FODMAP food. But, all other tea types like black tea, peppermint tea, green tea and coffee are safe for your stomach.

Chamomile for Insomnia

For a start, make a list of low and high FODMAP foods and begin with the low on the graph foods. If you adopt a lifestyle of being satisfied by low-FODMAP foods then it can greatly influence others and they can learn to get out of their age-old kind of trouble with an unknown cause.

It appears tricky and troubling but will it be a greater trouble than bloating and some embarrassing situations in public? Once you start working on it, you will feel better soon enough and your life will change for better.

Additionally, those “safe to have” doctor approved birth control pills can be a reason for your bloating.

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