How To Tell The Difference Between A Heart Attack And Cardiac Arrest

As everyone is not medical aware of all the symptoms and warning signs regarding the heart attack and heart arrest. According to certain research, it has been concluded that millions of people every year suffer from heart attack and due to the proper assistant and treatment many end up losing their lives. So, this is an important factor that everyone must go for regular checkups and must be aware of all the health issues.

What actually happen?

Our heart required a rich supply of oxygen to nourish the blood of our body. There comes coronary arteries which provide the heart with the critical supply of blood and if you are suffering from coronary artery disease the arteries turn to be narrow and small. Due to this, it cause difficult in the supply of blood and blood cannot flow the way it should.

Difference Between Heart Disease and Heart Failure


Cornary arteries are consider to be the real culprit of heart attack.Protein, calcium, fatty matter creates plaques of different sizes inside the heart arteries. These plaques of different sizes kept on building for a long time and eventually start blocking the supply of blood. It also creates a blood clot and it turns to require more effort and work to supply blood .Secondly, without the insufficient supply of oxygen the muscles present inside the heart starts to die. One more essential thing to kept in mind that if you declare to have a heart attack, you must take this factor seriously and should begins the treatment as soon as possible because the more you delayed this, the greater damage will take place.

Symptoms of heart attack:

  • The heartbeat turns to be abnormal (irregular or rapid heartbeat).
  • Serve pain in different parts of your body (majorly chest, jaw, arm, and abdomen).
  • You feel discomfort able pressure near the chest and arms.
  • Suffocation in breathing, less supply of oxygen.
  • Extreme weakness
  • You feel nausea, vomiting and dizziness, cold sweat.

What to do?

As you get the fact that you are having the heart attack call for emergency treatment or visit the nearby hospital. You must not delay it for the further minute; else it leads to great damage for heart. The best time for heart attack treatment is within nearly hours you had the attack. Because the more you wait, the longer damage is caused inside your heart.


Heart arrest is the condition in which the heart stops the supply of blood to all organs and stop beating eventually. In this case, the mode and time of human death rate are unexpected. The heart occurs some shortly or at the same time the symptoms appeared. When the electric system of heart goes down, it causes arrhythmias or heart start to have an irregular pattern of heartbeats. Ventricular fibrillation is the condition in which the arrhythmias cause sudden heart arrest. This state of heart is more dangerous than the heart attack because it left no time for human without treatment to survive and the death can occur within nearly 8 to 10 minutes.


1. The heart merely has a heart beat.

2. Less supply of oxygen leading to suffocation.

3. You start turning into blue.

4. Eyes start rolling to back of head

5. Dizziness and unconsciousness.

What to do?

If you feel or saw someone having such kind of symptoms around, you need to act at the same time to restore the heart else you may lost that person. Use an automated external defibrillator, it helps to provide the electrical shock to the heart and it will start working again. Other option, is to perform CPR to the heart arrest person.

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