6 Surprising Ways To Boost Your Sex Drive

4. Fasten your heartbeat

Any exercise that fasten your heartbeat and sparks the bodily confidence, can boost the sex drive and aids in sexual arousal. A study mentioned in Human Sexuality Journal they stated that the more we exercise or move our bodies, the more anticipated and desired we feel. And the women who workout regularly are more likely to have higher self-esteem, which is directly linked with greater desire for sexual encounter.

Exercise for Sex

If you don’t have time for workout, go for Zumba or aerobics class, if this is not possible than 30 minutes of brisk walk can also work. Exercise will boost the blood circulation throughout the body and aids in sexual arousal.

5. Focus on his face at the cute picture of him

It is revealed by the studies that when someone looks at the picture of their loved one for about 30 seconds are more likely to enhance the brain’s activity of producing the dopamine that is a libido helper. The chemical produces in brain, increases the feeling of wanting that aids in sexual arousal and desire for sex.

Soak in a sweet photos of him

Take out your mobile phone and open his favourite picture of yours and look at his cute, sweet and lovely face for about 30 seconds, again and again.

6. Go for a 20-second hug

Touching each other triggers the deep attachments that too helps in increasing sex desires, especially in women. Just go for a little longer hug, a little longer kiss or hold his hand while you tell him about your day. Every little body touch is helpful in sexual arousal.

20 Second Hug with Partner

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