How Long Do Idiots Live?

Online, the meme How Long Do Idiots Live has recently become more well-known. The concept is based on the well-known internet joke that fools only survive 12 to 15 years. You must send a message to an idiot who is at least 12 or 15 years old in order to participate in the challenge. Users’ comments have been quite humorous. I hope you’ll participate in the fun. If you’re not sure how to participate, see our article on the average lifespan of idiots for more information.


According to the study, having a higher IQ lengthens your life expectancy. Higher IQ levels are associated with a greater likelihood of living longer than individuals with lower scores. Furthermore, having a high IQ increases your likelihood of surviving by 21%. Therefore, your chances of surviving longer are substantially reduced if you have a low IQ score. Therefore, it is safe to say that having a higher IQ will help you live longer.

The phrase “how long do fools live” has been trending on social media since February 2022, despite the fact that the average lifespan of a human is 12 to 15 years. The query has not yet lost its appeal, and numerous people have produced films poking light of this fact. It’s a common online joke that TikTok users use to make fun of the typical lifespan of an idiot.

“I’ll never forget you” is a new social media meme. It exhorts psychopaths to remember their victims and to never forget them. It’s interesting that the Google search “how long do idiots live according to science” produced results for this meme.


You’re not the only one who has ever pondered how long fools stay on TikTok. The “I’ll Never Forget You” meme, a current craze on the internet, has been going around. If a psychopath lived long enough, could they ever forget someone they met? Although younger users of the video-sharing app find it humorous, older folks may find it stupid.

In 2021, the joke “How long do fools live on TikTok?” became popular. Then, in February 2022, it reappeared, igniting a fresh craze among Gen-Z TikTokers. What does the meme “How Long Do Idiots Live” actually mean, though? Even while it may not be a scientific reality, it is humorous nonetheless.

On social media, the question “How long do fools live on TikTok” has grown in prominence, particularly in India, where teens frequently spend their adolescent years online. The real answer to this question is far more complicated than that, despite the fact that it is amusing. When communicating with strangers on social media, you can never be too safe. One stupid may live for 12 to 15 years, while another may live for a century or two, according to the internet’s reaction, which is frequently a little contradictory.

You can inquire about the lifespan of emos on TikTok as well as the lifespan of tall individuals there. Users of TikTok are asking this topic increasingly frequently, which has sparked a flood of videos. The average emo has lived for up to ten years, which may surprise you if you’re asking “how long do idiots survive on TikTok.”

How long do moron’s lives last? is a well-known Internet joke that has been going around for a while. It is a joke on the short lifespan of humans, which is just about ten years. People submit amusing images, animations, and movies that make fun of other people’s life in order to make the joke even funnier. People who desire to escape boredom are becoming more and more enamored with the idea. It has become well known online and has motivated many people to mock their own life.


When the question was posed, it was, “How long do fools live?” 12 to 15 years was the reply. It’s interesting how there are a few different responses to this topic available on the internet. How long an idiot lives, for instance, was the topic of a well-liked TikTok video. The viewers then turned to Google to find the solution. The answer was extremely funny. Fools typically live between twelve and fifteen years, according to Google.

In 2021, the “How long do fools live” meme first appeared. It has recently come back, though, because of its popularity on several social networking platforms. Many people also utilise it to fool around with their friends. It also assists people in overcoming their boredom in addition to cracking jokes at the expense of their buddies. It is nevertheless a great topic for conversation despite its brief existence.

The response has recently emerged as the most well-liked meme. TikTok is a website where users may display their skills and binge watch videos. One billion people use TikTok each month and it is accessible in over 150 countries. With millions of new users joining every day, it has also developed into a well-liked video and meme-sharing website. The response, which is funny, has gone viral online. What is the solution, then?

Meme craze

How long do moron’s lives last? In February 2022, a TikTok video and Google search bar launched a connected meme trend. An idiot lives for 12 to 15 years on average. This meme’s popularity was initially increased in the year 2021, however it swiftly gained ground. The tendency is still going strong as of February 2022. Here are some of the most recent instances of this meme craze.

The question “How long do idiots live?” originally went viral in 2021 on the social media platform TikTok. The following year, with the same trend but a different response, it went viral once more. Gen-Z TikTokers are noticing the new trend. The phrase “idiots” may or may not be an oxymoron, although many people find it amusing.

Early in 2021, the “How long do fools live?” The meme craze started to take off and persisted throughout the remainder of the year. When users entered the query “How long do idiots live?” in the search bar of the video-sharing app TikTok and received amusing results, the phrase quickly gained popularity. The meme is currently rising on social media platforms and making waves online and elsewhere.

Numerous internet discussions have been spawned by the “How long do fools live?” meme craze. Some individuals think that all stupid pass away throughout youth. Some people think there is no such thing as old age. You decide whether or not this meme craze is real. It’s a great meme trend, but the answer to the question is always changing. You can be sure that many others will share it if it does.

Trending memes on TikTok

In 2022, a TikTok meme that first gained popularity in 2021 reappeared. Based on the response to the query, “How long do fools survive on TikTok?” This popular video displays the typical lifespan of an idiot. In the video, a user attempts to Google a stupid question, which is followed with an unexpected reply. The user reaction to the humorous answer has been hysterical!

The caption “I’ll never forget you” appears among the most popular videos on the video-sharing app. Young people on TikTok have been pleading with people they consider to be idiots to never forget them. The underlying message is that no one lives long enough to forget others, but that ‘idiots’ shouldn’t be forgotten because if they were, they wouldn’t have the chance to live long enough to remember the person they’re speaking to. Older TikTokers may find this trend absurd, while younger TikTokers find it amusing.

Another well-liked video features an Emo character. In short, skinny jeans and a fitted t-shirt, this character exudes tenderness. This video has been a hot topic on social media for a while and has since gained popularity across the internet. The fact that these characters are unaware that they are being seen on TikTok is what makes it so entertaining.

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