7 Foods That Can Trigger a Migraine

Migraine is commonly characterized as severe headache, it’s not just any ordinary headache but it has several symptoms. Like disturbed vision, numbness in hands and feet, difficulty in speaking, losing balance, vomiting and sensitivity to sound and light, but they can vary from person to person.

Migraine is different from ordinary headaches because it is commonly felt in any one side of the head and can lasts from 4 hours to even 72 hours.

Migraine, as per the researches is caused in the age between 15 years to 45 years. There are still debates going on that either migraine is a neurological condition / disorder or is it a neurological disease.

Like symptoms, triggers of migraines can also vary from person to person, most commonly know triggers of migraine includes food, drinking, hormone change (mostly in women), flickering or bright lights and even change in weather as well.

Foods That Can Trigger a Migraine

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Foods that may trigger migraine have a misconception in the mind of people because all the food items that are said to be culprit for triggering migraine are actually not. Some of are;

1. Chocolate

Chocolate made from coco beans, some bitter chocolates but mostly sweet, many different flavors and variety of chocolate, but people blames such a sweet thing for shooting migraine, but it’s actually not.

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