Eat More of These 25 Foods and Lose Weight

7. Greek Yogurt

Research reveals that individuals who consume dairy during their weight loss diet end up reducing much more weight than those who avoid all dairy products. Greek yogurt is a powerful ingredient for your calorie-restricted diet for this versatile and rich dairy product is loaded with protein.

You can add it to your frozen fruit popsicles, marinades, smoothies, baked treats or even as a healthier substitute for sour cream and cream cheese!

8. Soup

If you want to start an effective weight-loss diet, be sure to add lots of broth-based soups for not only are they low in calories and easy to make, but they also cut down your appetite by satiating you for longer hours. If you want to pick your soup from your local grocery store, be sure to pick out a BPA-free can that is low in sodium.

9. Chia Seeds

These tiny seeds are nature’s most versatile superfood that pack up a rich concentration of multiple energising nutrients, including fiber, protein and omega-3 fatty acids.

You can add them to your smoothies to feel more satiated even with a tiny serving. You can even toss some chia seeds to your oatmeal, salads, or whip up a delicious chia pudding for a healthy dessert.

10. Avocados

Avocados are a definite must-have for any and every weight loss diet for these creamy delights allow you to eliminate fat by consuming fats. You see, avocados are loaded with monounsaturated fatty acids, which aid in fighting off belly fat. So, add a few avocado slices to your salads, or better yet, spread this creamy delight on a whole-wheat toast for an energising breakfast.

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