Why people with diabetes can have serious complications from COVID-19?

The medical community across the world has raised serious concerns over the heightened risk factors of developing COVID-19 symptoms and severe complications for people who are already combating chronic ailments and illnesses. One of these chronic ailments that has garnered serious attention is diabetes.

Doctors, medical professionals and researchers are still learning about the origin and complications of the deadly virus. One of the major question raised by the healthcare and research community is that why do some individuals suffer from more severe complications after being infected by COVID-19?

Researchers observe, as experienced through coronavirus cases in China and Europe, patients who are suffering from diabetes are at a greater risk of suffering serious COVID-19 complications. Experts believe that this is primarily due to the lack of immunity strength.

Coronavirus: Why diabetics are more at risk?

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Dr. Wilburn Bolton, an Endocrinologist with USA Health, said, “Patients who suffer from uncontrolled diabetes have a background of immune dysfunction and inflammation, which restricts their bodies’ capabilities to fight off a novel infection, or delay the body’s immune response, allowing a quicker progression of the disease.”

Therefore, people suffering from diabetes are strongly advised to take strong prevention measures by ensuring complete social distancing. Diabetes patients are also advised to regulate their blood sugar levels through multiple prevention measures. More importantly, it is crucial to ensure they have sufficient supplies, particularly sufficient insulin to last for a week or two.


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