Check Your Inner Organs Health in 1 Minute by Doing THIS

There are a lot of people who worried about their internal health and the workings of their inner organs. And they are pretty much scared to go to the doctor because of long and very expensive processes. And some people are even scared of the results about what could be the result of the process. But what if you can determine your internal health and the workings of your inner organs at home, and in 1 minute with no special equipment but with just a spoon, a bag and you. Yes, this is possible, and absolutely free of cost, and free of danger. By this process you can determine the workings of your kidneys, respiratory system, intestines, metabolism rate, and even digestive system.

How to Check Human Inner Organs Health

Scrape the back of your tongue, near the throat, with the front side of the spoon till enough amount of saliva is produced in your mouth. Now take a plastic bag and wrap this around the spoon. Make sure you have a stronger light bulb near you, because brighter the light would be, accurate the results would be. Now keep that spoon, wrapped in plastic bag under light bulb for about 1 minute. After 1 minute unwrap the spoon and have a look at it, if it comes out clear it means you are more like a healthy person. Now the next step is to smell the spoon, if it smells like your saliva then it means again you are a healthy person. But if not then have look at following points:

1. If the spoon comes out orange then it shows that the person might suffers from kidney problems, for instance renal diseases.

2. If it comes out purple, then it could show the high cholesterol level and bronchitis along with poor blood circulation.

3. If it comes out white, then this shows respiratory infection.

4. And if comes out thick yellowish in colour, this shows thyroid problem.

5. And if the spoon comes out stinky, it means you have mouth smell issues, which is not very serious but you have to pay attention to your brushing, and mouth wash routines before they make bigger problems.

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