The Amazing Hidden Health Benefits of Common Kitchen Spices and Herbs Revealed!

6. Nutmeg

Several health benefits are also associated with nutmegs such as improving digestion, easing the signs of menstruation, inducing sleep and calm. Do not consume more than 1 nutmeg every day as its excess quantity can result in double vision, stomach ache and other painful reactions.

7- Cardamom

Cardamom is also an all-rounder spice. It can ease belching, indigestion and flatulence. Moreover, it also cures respiratory problems such as coughing, loss of voice and asthma. Ground some pinches of fresh cardamom pods and stir them in your orange juice or fruit salad. You can also combine this cardamom powder in rice before boiling them.

So, these are the amazing health benefits of common herbs and kitchen spices. Add these herbs and spices in your meals and get improvement in your health. Also, share with us your experience when you try these spices or herbs.

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