Basic protective measures against the new coronavirus

Remain mindful of the most recent news on the COVID-19 episode, accessible on the World Health Organization website and keey eye on your country wide and neighborhood general health authority. COVID-19 is as yet influencing for the most individuals in China and Italy with certain flare-ups in different nations.

Most individuals who come to be tainted experience milk fever and recuperate, however it tends to be increasingly extreme for other people. Deal with your well-being and secure others by doing the following measures:

1. Wash your hands frequently.

2. Avoid touching your mouth, eyes and nose.

3. Cover your cough with the bend of your elbow or use tissue.

4. Avoid visiting crowded places.

5. Try to stay maximum at home if you feel unwell – even with a minor fever and cough.

6. Seek medical care early if you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing.

7. Keey watching news channels and stay aware of the most recent details from World Health Organization (WHO).

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