Antibiotics can harm your gut health – here’s how to undo the damage

Antibiotics have been referred to as one of the best medical discoveries. They were used to treat incurable diseases such as pneumonia and tuberculosis. Children can be prescribed a prebiotic diet. After an antibiotic course one can try the asparagus salad.

Scientists have discovered that antibiotics destroy the micro biomes. Micro biomes are beneficial bacteria that live inside our body. They are responsible for everything from immune system to digestion. But study has found out that antibiotics reduce the amount of micro biomes. Bringing disadvantages to our body. There is a method to remove the damage caused by antibiotics. When our bodies in an inactive state in simpler words in a low energy state it is always felt in our diet.

How long to restore gut flora after antibiotics

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Stress affects your health adversely. Common issues such as ulcers reflux and allergies have been linked to stress. But exercise has been scientifically proven to speed up gut health. Even a healthy diet can improve the gut health diet such as garlic, bananas, yoghurt, fermented vegetables, nuts and seeds. Although enemies of the gut is processed foods, alcohol and saturated fats. The G-plan diet is said to have gut healing properties which includes kerif and kombucha.

Concluding that if you are suffering through some bacterial infection and you are prescribed an antibiotic course you must take on these measures so that your gut stays safe from danger. In recent years, researchers have prohibited the use of antibiotics due to fear of antibiotic resistance. The gut health of children can easily be boosted by trying a few methods. Parents can ensure that children eat fruits and vegetable.

Dairy products like cheese and yoghurt must be given to children. For infants it is not necessary to sterilize everything. Parents must be not overprotective of their children they must be left free on the floor. If your child does not require antibiotics then you can make them follow a probiotic course.

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