9 Spices With Super-Healing Powers

For hundreds of years, spices and herbs have acted as medicines that cured a wide range of diseases, from insomnia, lack of energy, diabetes, and heartburns, to weight loss, cancers, chronic pains and even arthritis. They not only enhance the health of the heart, but also lower inflammation, fight against several kinds of cancer, and promote a healthy, wholesome and long life.

We’ve created an incredibly beneficial round-up of 9 essential spices and herbs that you must stock up in your pantry to enjoy their succulent flavour and rich nutrient density.

Healing Herbs and Spices

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Here, take a look:

1. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is packed with an incredibly high density of nutrients, and its impressively potent profile of antioxidants protects our cells from the attacks of free radicals and oxidative stress. Research reveals that antioxidants aid the body in eliminating the symptoms of several chronic ailments, such as Parkinson’s, cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

Several studies have highlighted the role of cinnamon consumption in reducing the symptoms and impacts of several cardiovascular ailments. A recent study revealed that cinnamon plays a vital role in improving the function of insulin, a hormone produced by our body, which naturally reduces the blood sugar levels.

According to statistics, nearly one in every ten Americans have been diagnosed with diabetes type 2, while there are millions of people who have increased risks for developing its symptoms. The best way to cure diabetes is to regulate your blood sugar and prevent it from infecting your body in the first place, and cinnamon can really help you with that.

Does Cinnamon Make You Lose Weight

Another study attempted to examine the impact of cinnamon in the diets of patients suffering with Alzheimer’s. The results revealed that cinnamon bark contains a certain extract that prevents the development of amyloid plaques in patients suffering from Alzheimer’s. Even though the study was conducted on mice, cinnamon aided in correcting the movement problems and restoring levels of cognition.

How should you consume it?

Cinnamon has a savoury and sweet flavour that will warm your taste buds, and since it is a powerhouse of nutrients, you must add it to your daily diet. Be sure to consume at least half a spoon of cinnamon every day.

You can devour it with a piping hot bowl of oatmeal or cereal, toss it in your fruit salads, coffee, tea, smoothies, milkshakes, juices, green tea, or just devour it with nut butters. Cinnamon is also a star ingredient for casserole meals, sauces and recipes made with lamb, chicken, beef or fish. Mix it up with other spices, like cumin, tarragon, and chilli powder to create an aromatic herbal blend to give your everyday meals a Middle-Eastern taste.

When buying cinnamon, steer clear of varieties that contain cassia instead of cinnamon. We recommend you to pick out labels that say Ceylon Cinnamon, as they are the most authentic of all varieties, and they contain the highest density of antioxidants.

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