9 Reasons Why Sugar is Bad for Your Body

Nutrition is all about the dietary choices and it’s the biggest relevance towards a healthy lifestyle and the diseased one as well. Excess of everything is bad but some immoderations insert such havocs on our health that are unable to be reversed then. Sugar is such a common thing to use in our daily life and different researchers quote its excessive use of a slow poisoning thing.

Certain anomalies occur because of sugar consumption, some are acute and some manifest over many years, that are more hazardous.

Dietary sugar affects different parts of the body in a different way as per the immunity of the person and the reaction towards severity.

Dietary sugar affects different parts of the body in a different way as per the immunity of the person and the reaction towards severity. Here are 9 reasons why eating too much sugar is bad for your health. #foodstoavoid #healthyeating #unhealthyfood

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This article enlightens those perspectives that are derived from the old guidance but based on deep studies and knowledge.

1. Sugar causes tooth decay

Sugar is detected by the taste buds and they immediately send the signal to the brain for the coverage of a full-body response. Sugar attracts the bacteria that are harmful to the body and that destroys the enamel of teeth. If this plaque is not brushed away, then there are possibilities of the formation of cavities in the mouth. These harmful bacteria produce acid by consuming this sugar and tooth enamel starts decaying over the period.

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2. Sugar is ruining your fertility

Added sugar effects are not only limited to women but are equally affecting men’s reproduction functions as well. Under a study, it was enlightened that the production of insulin in the body affect the eggs in the same way as the ovarian hormones play their part in their maturation.

When we intake a lot of highly refined sugar and soda, it turns off the gene that is helpful and essential for the activation of the levels of reproductive hormones like estrogen and testosterone in our body. In males, it can impair sperm production while in women it causes problems like PCOS.

Can sugar affect implantation


3. Sugar accelerates aging

The intake of a lot of diet with a high glycemic index causes the inflammation in the body that ultimately participates in the skin aggravation. Dermatologists claim that less sugar consumption is the thing that helps you to look fresh and younger by having healthy skin. This is highly supported by scientific research.

Here the question arises about the severity of the sugar and it is as simple to answer as to its intake. It affects the insulin level to prompt the inflammation in the body causing the production of certain enzymes. These enzymes are involved in the breakdown of the backbone of the skin- collagen and elastin. This whole process is termed as Glycation which ultimately enhances the acne, rosacea (formation of visible vessels and redness on the skin) and aging effects.

Effects of sugar on skin and aging


4. Sugar increases the risk of diabetes and heart disease

Too much consumption of sugar always stresses the heart. It is equally damaging to the heart as enriched fatty foods proved by different researches. The anomalies attached are the uncontrolled sugar levels result in atherosclerosis leading towards the heart damage and heart failure ultimately if unchecked.

Both diets that are enriched with fats and sugars are equally damaging and they should not exceed more than a certain limit to keep your heart active.

How does sugar affect the heart


5. Sugar can cause brain damage

The brain is one of the largest and most complex organs of our body. Whatever we are taking in as our diet, affects the energy level of our body that is directly related to the noticeable brain, but we just overlook it usually.

Excessive use of sugar affects the brain in a way by impairing both our self-control and cognitive skills. Sugar inserts drug-like effects on our brain and it is addictive that results in more severe effects than cocaine.

Sugar affects the brain like drugs

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6. Sugar causes liver damage

The liver is the vital organ of our body that detoxifies the harmful chemicals out of our body and helps in the metabolization of different drugs as well.

The liver converts the unessential sugar of our body to fats. The purpose of this conversion is to store it for later usage.

Higher intake of refined sugar like fructose corn syrup results in the fatty buildup leading to different liver diseases. This is much more hazardous than the severity of taking drugs by giving different serious health issues including fatty liver disease.

Liver disease and sugar consumption

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7. Sugar effects on pancreas

The pancreas is a gland organ, a basic part of the digestive system producing insulin and certain hormones that are essentially involved in the breakdown of food.

The food that we intake in the form of sugar is broken down to glucose and fructose that hit the pancreas by entering through the bloodstream. This helps in the production of insulin to regulate the blood sugar level.

Type II diabetes occurs mostly as an indication of the pre-diabetes and before it, the pancreas starts knocking the indications of the damage and overload in the body as an alarm to develop resistance against this insulin. This whole process governs certain side-effects involving lethargy, hunger and eventually weight gain. When we overlook our healthy diet this much.

Keep a thing in mind that we are paving the way of disrupting our whole beta cells in the pancreas that are strictly associated with the production of insulin.

Is sugar bad for pancreas

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8. Kidneys

Kidneys are linked to filter the blood and removal of waste materials. This pair is attached to the balancing of the body fluids and electrolytes. Taking excess sugar with having healthy kidneys is not a cup of a problem that much but yes, if you are a diabetic patient or hyperglycemic one then it causes kidney failure as reported in the US.

Kidney failure results when the blood sugar level is too high and kidneys spill this as the waste material, this inserts long-term damage of kidneys.

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9. Stomach and Gut Health

Processed foods and sugar consumption reduce the beneficial bacteria in our gut. When we utilize a high amount of refined sugar like fructose corn syrup, it throws off the gut flora causing inflammation and indigestion. Not only this, gut flora is associated with whole-body health involving both emotional and mental capabilities.

Effect of sugar on gut bacteria



It is downright depressing to hear but true that sugar is like a poison to our body if not taken moderately. The intake of high-refined sugars inserts more hazardous effects than drugs like cocaine. There is plenty of food that is in low sugars, they should be a part of our daily routine.

Sugar level should be monitored and checked regularly to avoid any disorders in different organs of our body like heart, stomach, kidneys and reproductive systems, that effect of which is irreversible.

Aging, inflammation and weight gain are the most common outcomes of the sugar consumption and they can only be controlled by having this situation properly checked and monitored.

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