9 Healthy Foods To Avoid After Weight Loss Surgery

Majority of the people are facing the problem of obesity. People of all ages can face this issue due to a number of causes such as hormonal imbalance, unhealthy diet, high cholesterol, fast foods, stress etc. Nowadays, surgeries are carried out to remove extra fats from your body and to reduce the size of your stomach.

No doubt, these surgeries are much expensive but they provide you immediate results. Individuals have to take certain precautions after undergoing weight loss surgery otherwise they will get adverse effects.

Here are nine foods to avoid after weight loss surgery.

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These surgeries significantly change the structure of stomach and therefore doctors prohibit the consumption of few healthy foods. Such foods are difficult to tolerate by your newly transformed stomach. Individuals have to avoid the following 9 foods after their weight loss surgery.

For the first 2 weeks post-surgery

Avoid: Anything solid.

Post Weight Loss Surgery Diet

The stomach is extremely vulnerable immediately after weight loss surgery. Individuals have to take only liquid diet during first two weeks. They can easily take protein stakes, plain yogurts, soupy cereals, low-sugar pudding and low-fat cottage cheese. Stomach is on rest during this period and it requires time for healing and forming scar tissue. A liquid diet can easily pass throughout your system whereas solid food will stick around your stomach and may hinder the healing process.

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