9 Foods That Boost Your Metabolism Naturally

Metabolism involves all the chemical reactions taking place within our body. It includes the breakdown of molecules and the synthesis of different compounds in order to get energy and maintain life. A good metabolism means that your body is functioning properly and has minimum chances to get affected by some diseases. It also provides you more energy to perform different tasks and exercises, and that obviously helps you stay fit.

Metabolism usually depends on your genetics. If your parents have a good metabolism, you are more likely to have a good metabolism as well. But, you can boost your metabolism naturally too, by eating healthy food that helps you speed up your metabolism and help you burn extra fats.

Does coffee boost your metabolism
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Image Credit: healthyvogue.com

There are 9 foods that can be of a great help:

1. Egg Whites

Full of proteins and vitamin D, egg whites are a perfect and healthy food to boost your metabolism. David Grotto, RDN, a Chicago based nutritionist says that egg whites contain a lot of long chain amino acids that work wonders when it comes to speeding up your metabolism.

2. Green Tea

We all know how popular green tea is, when losing weight is the issue. According to research, green tea helps speed up the metabolism because it has a plant compound in it, called ECGC. This is responsible for burning the extra fats present in our bodies.

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