9 Foods That Are Bad for Your Bones

You must be clear about the foods necessary to be eaten for the health of your bones, including bone-strengthening content as calcium and anti-osteoporosis content as Vitamin D. But rarely would you have heard about what foods are kind of corrosive and damaging to your bone health other than some carbonated drinks.

Sugar-filled sodas, some beverages and extremely salted snacks are inhibitors against calcium absorption and they also cause reduction of mineral density of your bones.

Health to my bones
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Image: healthyvogue.com

Here’s a list of 9 foods that can hurt your bones health.

1. Legumes

Beans are another reason behind preventing your body to absorb calcium. Various bean varieties from pinto beans to navy beans as well as peas have phytates which act against body’s absorption of calcium, according to Cosman. In contrast, beans are richly packed with magnesium, fibers and several other nutrients so it’s not good to avoid beans altogether for the sake of prevention from osteoporosis.

You only need to soak beans in plain water for some hours before you are ready to cook them so that phytate level is reduced.

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