9 Fascinating Things You Didn’t Know About Gray Hair

8. Gray hair is much finer than coloured strands

Even though the popular belief is that as our hair start to turn gray, the strands tend to become rough, coarse and lifeless. Truth be told, gray strands tend to be much more fine and richer than the coloured hair, and despite being seemingly dry, the hair will be healthy. You see, the scalp only tends to be dry because as we continue to age, our scalp generates less and less oil.
This is primarily why gray hair seem to be rough, along with the fact that many people try to pull out their first few strands of gray hair, which also causes the hair to feel rougher and excessively coarse.

If you’ve developed a habit of constantly pulling out gray strands, keep in mind that this habit will make your hair crinkly and rough by destroying your hair follicles.

9. Gray hair naturally tend to be colour-resistant

If you’re tired of colouring your hair month after month only to be frustrated by the speedy re-emergence of grey strands, keep in mind that gray hair have a tendency to be much more colour resistant, which tends to be a surprise when you’re hair has just started to turn gray.

Certain gray strands that simply won’t take colour can be resistant towards hair colour. But you can easily combat this problem by picking out a darker colour for your roots, or even increasing your colour levels so you can provide the gray strands darker coverage.

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