9 Fascinating Things You Didn’t Know About Gray Hair

5. There is a vivid difference between your hair strands and their colour

Hair is generated from hair stem cells, and the pigment that colours our hair is made from an entirely different process, and with the help of the pigment producing stem cells. The hair dyes that we apply just give our strands a coat of colour, and they do absolutely nothing to change their structure or natural pigmentation.

Usually, the hair stem cells and pigment producing stem cells tend to work together, however, sometimes either of these stem cells can stop performing their function due to premature damage. Scientists and dermatology experts are attempting to develop a medicine or a formula that could be applied to the scalp in order to reduce the speed of the process of our hair turning gray.

6. Gray hair is basically the result of your hair getting naturally bleached

The hair turns gray by bleaching itself gray or white in colour, and this process is much similar to the process of getting a blonde dye with the help of hydrogen peroxide.

A recently published research attempted to shed light on this subject, and it explained that basically, hydrogen peroxide naturally emerges within the hair follicles, and as we continue to age, the concentration of hydrogen peroxide continues to increase. When hydrogen peroxide gets build-up in our hair follicles in large amounts, it prevents the development of melanin, which is basically the pigment that gives our strands their colour.

7. The hair never ‘turns’ gray, but in fact, it grows gray

We all believe that our coloured strands have started to turn gray while the truth is that as we continue to age, our new hairs have a greater likelihood of growing out gray or white in colour. You see, a single strand of hair takes around one to three years to grow, and when this strand is shed off from the scalp, a new strand emerges in its place.

So basically, the process of hair regeneration causes the pigment-producing cells to reform, and this causes the hair to wear out and shed.

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