9 Fascinating Things You Didn’t Know About Gray Hair

Most people tend to believe that their hair has started to turn grey, while modern science reveals that there is no such thing as turning grey-but in fact, the hair tends to grow gray from the follicles that emerge from the scalp.

While most women dread the arrival of gray strands and try their best to coat them with dark layers of colour and shiny pigments, many others adore the charming beauty of a silvery gray mane. If you are one of those women who hate the emergence of grey hair, there are various facts that you need to understand about the emergence of grey hair and how you can prevent its premature occurrence.

Dermatologists have conducted extensive research to point out factors and habits that prevent greying, along with highlighting some important factors that we didn’t know about.

Surprising Facts About Gray Hair
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Image: HealthyVogue

Let’s take a look at these 9 essential truths that we simply didn’t know about our greying strands:

1. The normal process of aging is the most notorious cause of greying hair

It should come as no big surprise that the natural process of aging tends to cause our hair to turn naturally gray. Dermatologists have termed as the 50-50-50 rule, and it basically outlines that 50% of the population tends to have a head full of 50% gray strands by the time they reach the age of 50.

Much like the skin, our hair tends to grow grey with age, and it also undergoes a series of changes in its texture, health, longevity and other factors.

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