9 Best Foods for Healthy Teeth

You must know that slushy sticky candies aren’t exactly best for your overall health and particularly for your teeth. What you eat and what you shouldn’t eat is equally important for teeth as for your general health.

A spokesperson for Academy of General Dentistry and a qualified private Dentist, George Shepley, stated that variety and balance is basically a key to the diet for healthy teeth. A balanced plate of healthy diet contains all the major food groups that includes grains, proteins, dairy, fruits and vegetables. If someone eliminates or limit any of these major groups, they could suffer from mineral, vitamins or other nutritional deficiencies that may affect oral health. Nutritional deficiencies may cause weakened immune system, several diseases including gum and other mouth diseases.

Tooth and Gum Dental

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Following are the 9 best foods and drinks that leads to healthy teeth:

1. Vitamin C rich foods

Foods enriched with vitamin C includes all the citrus foods like oranges, grapefruits and lemons, and other fruits and veggies like strawberries promotes gum health and aids in quick healing of the gum problems. Vitamin C deficiency might cause severe gum bleeding or teeth loose.

Vitamin C and Dental Health

2. Tea

Both black and green tea is beneficial for the teeth health because it slows down the production of harmful bacteria in the mouth. Green tea also contains other antioxidants that promotes overall health.

Tea - Best Drinks for Teeth

3. Lean Proteins

Lean proteins are found in poultry, lean cuts of meat, eggs and fishes. Human body requires proteins and the phosphorus present in lean protein diet is essential for the teeth. Phosphorus is a significant protecting enamel, (enamel is a protective layer on the teeth).

Healthy teeth and gums required vitamin B3, which is present in fish and chicken, vitamin B2 and iron, which is found in nuts specifically in almonds.

Lean Proteins for Healthy Teeth

4. Milk

Milk contains lots of calcium, vitamin D and proteins. Vitamin D aids in absorbing calcium and its deficiency might cause a painful condition in the mouth in which the sufferer suffers the burning and scorching sensation on the lips, gums, palate, lips or throughout the mouth.

A glass of milk in the morning is recommended by the doctors.

Milk - Quickly Whiten Teeth at Home

5. Sweet Potatoes

As the dentists suggests that sweet potatoes are good for teeth health because they are loaded with lots of nutrients like vitamin A and many minerals. Vitamin A is specifically known for protecting the tooth enamel and it keeps the cavities away.

Sweet Potatoes for Porous Teeth

6. Cheese and other dairy foods

Cheese and other dairy products are rich in calcium and proteins and also known for reducing acid reflux or acidity. Calcium is an essential element for stronger teeth while proteins are basically the building blocks, so both are equally important.

Other dairy products include milk that we have stated earlier and then comes the yogurt, which is another healthy choice for teeth health. Yogurt also provide prebiotics that supplies healthy bacteria to the body.

Cheese Healthy for Teeth

7. Water

Nothing is more hydrating than water and this is one of the most important thing for every health problem. When it comes to teeth health, than drinking water after consuming sugary food items is particularly good because it rinses away the food particles from your teeth. It also dilutes the acid that is produced by the bacteria, which is responsible for converting sugar into harmful acid.

Most of the tap water contains fluoride in it and according to the dentists, it is best to drink water that contains fluoride because it strengthens the teeth. Fluoride is an essential element for kid’s teeth because it prevents tooth decay. As the researchers says that you must check your water supplying companies that either they contains fluoride or not.

According to the disease control and prevention centers, bottled water doesn’t include the amount of fluoride in their label so you should ask the manufacturer if the bottle water contains it or not.

Is bleaching your teeth bad

8. Leafy Greens

Leafy greens like spinach, kale, cabbage and other veggies provide excess dose of lots of nutrients for gums and teeth. Spinach is rich in vitamin A, B2 and B12.

Other crunchy produces like apple, celery, carrots, and cucumber etc. promotes the production of saliva that dilutes the acid and removes remains from the teeth.

Leafy Greens - How to build up enamel on teeth

9. Sugar-free gum

Chewing on sugar-free gum in between meals is beneficial as it promotes the production of saliva and cleans the teeth.

Chewing sugar less gum is healthy but if you do it for longer period of time you might get your jaws sore.

Health Benefits of Gum

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