9 Best Foods for Healthy Teeth

You must know that slushy sticky candies aren’t exactly best for your overall health and particularly for your teeth. What you eat and what you shouldn’t eat is equally important for teeth as for your general health.

A spokesperson for Academy of General Dentistry and a qualified private Dentist, George Shepley, stated that variety and balance is basically a key to the diet for healthy teeth. A balanced plate of healthy diet contains all the major food groups that includes grains, proteins, dairy, fruits and vegetables. If someone eliminates or limit any of these major groups, they could suffer from mineral, vitamins or other nutritional deficiencies that may affect oral health. Nutritional deficiencies may cause weakened immune system, several diseases including gum and other mouth diseases.

Tooth and Gum Dental

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Following are the 9 best foods and drinks that leads to healthy teeth:

1. Vitamin C rich foods

Foods enriched with vitamin C includes all the citrus foods like oranges, grapefruits and lemons, and other fruits and veggies like strawberries promotes gum health and aids in quick healing of the gum problems. Vitamin C deficiency might cause severe gum bleeding or teeth loose.

Vitamin C and Dental Health

2. Tea

Both black and green tea is beneficial for the teeth health because it slows down the production of harmful bacteria in the mouth. Green tea also contains other antioxidants that promotes overall health.

Tea - Best Drinks for Teeth

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