8 Things That Happen When You Stop Washing Your Hair Every Day

Shampooing is one of the most common daily habits that we want to indulge in early in the morning. However, expensive blow-dry’s, time-consuming styling qualms and a wide range of dry shampoo varieties compel us to delay washing our hair as much as we can.

Shampooing less and less has become the trending hair care norm for countless women are grabbing these dry shampoos and countless other products that will help them rock their expensive blowouts and hair styles for as long as they possibly can.

Hair colourists and stylists always recommend strongly against this supposedly healthy habit of shampooing every single day. You see, experts believe that washing your hair every day has more disadvantages than benefits, as it makes your hair brittle by denying your scalp the chance to produce its natural oils and nutrients, which are extremely essential for the strength and beauty of your hair.

Stop Washing Hair Expirement

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We must allow our scalp to create a harmonious balance between the naturally-produced scalp oils, and the synthetic chemicals present within our shampoos and conditioners.

If you’ve always felt guilty about giving your hair a lack of adequate shampooing, rest assured because research reveals that it is absolutely healthy to avoid shampooing one’s hair for at least 2-3 days. And if you have the kind of hair type that never gets oily, you can even avoid washing your hair for a longer period of time.

Here, take a look at all the benefits and drawbacks of shampooing irregularly and with longer intervals:

1. A Shinier Mane

Natural scalp oils can help you bring back that lustrous shine that you adored about your hair, because the best trick to help your hair regain their shininess is to allow them to marinate in their own natural oils. We strongly recommend you to take a flattened boar bristle brush to spread out the natural scalp oils as evenly as possible from the roots to the ends.

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2. Reduces Dryness

Research reveals that the human scalp is capable of producing natural oils, referred to as sebum. And if the hair is allow to absorb this natural oil without washing, it not only hydrates the hair, but also makes it stronger and shinier.

You see, daily washing deprives our hair of all the natural oils and nutrients produced by the scalp itself. Hair experts believe that natural scalp oils work as the most effective hair masks or treatment to help you combat dryness. So, forget about all those expensive conditioners and after-wash formulas, for sebum is all you need to make your strands silky, smooth and dandruff-free.

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3. Enjoy your Blowout Investment

Naturally, the more you delay shampooing after getting an expensive blowout, the longer your investment will adorn your hair. You may have done your own blowout at home, but spending 30 minutes of your highly scheduled routine is also an investment that you feel entitled to cherish at times.

Hair styling experts believe that the best trick to make sure a blowout lasts longer and stays immaculately perfect is to apply very less styling products, and to steer clear of all kinds of oil. Then, you can always give your hair a lustrous shine by applying some dry shampoo a day after getting an expensive blowout that you’d like to maintain.

We recommend you to try the John Frieda Luxurious Volume Refresh Dry Shampoo, as it has been proven to soak up all traces of the natural oils produced by our scalp. Even if the greasiness and oiliness begin to threaten your blowout, you can always use some hair spray and pull up your hair into a nice ponytail before shampooing and giving your strands a good wash.

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4. Better Hair Colour Results

Professional hair colourists always recommend against a daily shampoo regime because, in simpler words, you must treat a freshly done hair colour job like a newly bought clothing staple. The more frequently you wash it, naturally, the greater the wear and tear, and fading. Similarly, the lesser you wash your hair colour, the less likely it is to run out and stay vibrantly shiny.

You see, water is a big enemy of hair dyes and colours, and even if you took great measures by picking out a colour-protectant shampoo, water is enough to cause excessive fading and dullness in your hair colour. Most hair stylists recommend their clients to perform hair cleansings, and schedule their shampoo regime to twice or thrice a week.

Be sure to invest in a fine quality sulphate-free formula that is exclusively designed to treat and nourish coloured hair, and always expose your hair to a low water temperature to minimize the colour damage.

Experts believe that washing one’s hair with lukewarm or cold water prevents the colour from fading or dulling, while hot water causes the cuticles to open up and this leads to excessive colour fading.

Dyed Hair

5. Softer & Well-Defined Curls

If you want a head full of soft and nicely defined curls, you must keep your hair dry and avoid washing them every day. You see, curly hair textures are usually dry and this makes it difficult for the natural scalp oils to trickle down to the hair ends, and mid-lengths. If you do not wash your hair every day, it will make your curls much silkier and naturally, the oils will trickle down to the ends and nourish your curls deeply.

Here’s a pro tip: On the second day of your no-shampoo regime, use your fingers to gently massage your scalp so it encourages those natural oils to move within your strands, and then, take a comb to evenly spread out the oil from the roots to the ends.

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Now, let’s take a look at the shortcomings:

6. Severe Dandruff

An infrequent hair washing regime leads to excessive oiliness, which is a seriously bad omen if you’re scalp is already itchy and severely flaky. It will cause the itchiness and flakiness to worsen, and eventually, it will lead to excessive dandruff.

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7. Products Tend to Build-up

If you’re not washing your hair every single day, and at the same time, you’re using plenty of styling products on a daily basis, it is highly likely that the products will stay on your scalp and create a horrid product build-up. This can cause severe dullness and residue that is visible in your strands, and if you delay washing your hair for more than a day, it could even cause severe inflammation to occur within your hair follicles.

This inflammation usually tends to look very similar to pimples that occur on the scalp, and they make your scalp excessively soft, itchy and painful. You can always get rid of these product residues by investing in a mild clarifying shampoo. Pick out a gentle clarifying shampoo that suits your hair type, as it is an ideal trick to make sure your hair has been cleaned of all product build-ups and residue.

However, take great measures to ensure that you do not overuse a clarifying shampoo as it can trigger severe dryness in your scalp and hair. We recommend you to try the Food Root Strawberry Ginger Root Cleansing Shampoo.

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8. Temporary Greasiness

It is highly likely for your hair to become greasy, but there’s nothing to worry for this greasiness is nothing but a temporary change. You see, even though natural oils are brimming with nutrients and benefits, at the same time, they are also capable of making unwashed strands intensely greasy, especially if you have healthy and voluminous hair.

You see, once the hair is deprived of oils from within the strands and scalp, the scalp tends to make up for the loss by producing an excessive quantity of oil. However, with time, it tends to reduce its oil production. The scalp always finds a way to adjust to the lack of adequate washing, however, the first couple of weeks are always tough and messy.

What makes your hair greasy

How your hair will react to a lack of adequate hair washing depends entirely upon your hair type. For most people, it tends to make the hair excessively flat and oily. However, there’s nothing to worry about, because regardless of the hair type, it always tends to get better.

Your scalp always gets trained to this lack of everyday washing, and you can always shroud away the oiliness and greasiness by creating a sleek topknot, a man bun or a high ponytail right after washing.

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