8 Snacks That Fight Heart Disease

7. Apples

Apples are the most nutritious superfoods that nature has to offer for healing countless ailments, including heart diseases, inflammation, and providing a daily nutrition fix to ward off all diseases and strengthen the immune system.

Countless heart-related studies have linked the consumption of apples with the strong health of the heart. They are brimming with antioxidants, pectin, dietary fiber, and protective phytonutrients that strengthen the body, satiate hunger and boost the health of the cardiovascular system.

Apples contain several antioxidants, primarily quercetin, which allows it to fight against oxidative stress, which causes atherosclerosis, and several other cardiovascular ailments.

Pectin also aids the body by reducing bad or LDL cholesterol levels, which is one of the greatest causes and risk factors of heart ailments.

Several studies have highlighted the potent anti-inflammatory profiles of apples, which strengthen and enhance the health of the vascular system.

Nearly all kinds of apple varieties can brim you up with powerful heart-healthy nutrients, but we strongly urge you to devour red apples as they contain the highest density of antioxidants.

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