8 Snacks That Fight Heart Disease

5. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate has been scientifically proven as one of the best natural remedies to reduce the risk and symptoms of heart diseases and strokes. Researchers gave it the name of ‘polymeal’ and if you devour it every day, it can eliminate your risk for developing heart ailments by a whopping 21%.

Research reveals that dark chocolate is brimming with cocoa, which has an astounding amount of flavanols, a potent kind of flavonoid that aids in the prevention of clogged arteries, hence, lowering the risk for suffering a heart attack or stroke. Moreover, dark chocolate also aids in reducing and regulating normal blood pressure levels.

Always pick out mindful portions of dark chocolate every day, which shoulder be no more than one ounce or a two-inch square. Pick out dark chocolate varieties with organic or rich cocoa concentration, at least 70% or higher cocoa.

6. Figs

Figs are packed with a powerful density of fiber, which is a crucial nutrient for any heart-protective diet plan. These delicious treats also boost an incredibly high amount of potassium, which is also amazingly healthy for the heart.

Countless studies have directly associated the regular consumption of generously rich potassium meals with extremely reduced risk factors of heart ailments and strokes, along with healthy and normal blood pressure levels. Instead of grabbing those unhealthy processed snacks, which pile up heaps of heart-damaging dietary sodium along with increasing the risk of hypertension, grab a handful of figs and brim yourself up with potassium to help regulate your blood pressure levels.

Satisfy all your sugary dessert cravings with a succulently sweet and fresh fig. These delights are available fresh in the market from June to September, however, dried figs are available throughout the year and they pack up just the same amount of nutrients. Feel free to dips these into one ounce of decadent dark chocolate and treat yourself to an indulgently healthy snack.

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