8 Best Foods To Help Reduce Bloating And Gas

5. Fennel Seeds

For thousands of years, Indian Ayurveda has regarded the amazing benefits of fennel seeds and the ability of this powerful herb at eliminating the awful symptoms of bloating and gas.

It is not just a breath-freshener, but more importantly, like ginger, it is one of the best natural remedies to sooth away digestive ailments.

It contains powerful compounds, such as estragole, anethole and fenchone, which boost mighty anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic profiles that aid in relaxing the intestinal muscles, allowing the trapped gas to escape and provide relief.

How to Eat Fennel Seeds
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You can add fennel seeds to your breakfast, dinner meals and even your desserts, or you can enjoy a soothing cup of fennel tea.

6. Lemons & Lemon Juice

For hundreds of years, lemon water has been regarded as one of the most effective remedies to naturally eliminate the symptoms of bloating. And modern science also regards these benefits for the atomic composition of lemon juice is very similar to that of the digestive juices present within our stomach, along with our bile and saliva. Therefore, it is extremely effective at eliminating the symptoms of indigestion, particularly belching and bloating.

Most people suffering from digestion ailments usually don’t obtain sufficient amounts of hydrochloric acid that is required to ensure the proper digestion of every food item that are loading up in their stomach, especially food items such as complex carbohydrates, animal-based proteins, gluten and dairy products.

Lemon Juice for Gas and Bloating
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The regular consumption of lemon juice can help promote faster, smoother and efficient digestion of all food items that you consume. This will help preventing bloating from occurring in the first place.

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