8 Best Foods To Help Reduce Bloating And Gas

Do you have a habit of eating mindfully and exercising generously so you burn everything you eat and sculpt your figure to achieve the body of your dreams? And yet, somehow you end up eating something wrong and you wake up one morning, struggling to fight off the horrid symptoms of bloating.

These symptoms can be explained by several reasons, for instance, it could be something you ate at a party, your menstrual cycle or simply, a lack of adequate hydration. Regardless of the reason, you can easily beat this awful bloat with the help of the right nutrient-loaded foods.

Here are 8 incredibly nutritious foods that will help you fight off a bloat right away. #healthyeating #bloatingrelief #bloatingremedies

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We’ve picked out 8 incredibly nutritious foods that will help you fight off a bloat right away. Here, take a look:

1. Cayenne Pepper

If you’re a huge fan of hot sauce, this is going to be the best remedy you’ve ever heard. Experts believe that spicing up your meals with fiery cayenne pepper can actually help ease out digestive issues, especially gas and bloating. You see, cayenne pepper is extremely high in capsaicin, which aids in reducing the symptoms of bloating and gas as it increases the flow of digestive enzymes within the intestines.

How to take Cayenne Pepper


Moreover, capsaicin also eliminates the bad bacteria that tends to develop within our stomach and trigger the symptoms of gas and bloating. So, if you’re experiencing the awful symptoms of bloating, eliminate them with a hot bowl of soup spiced up with cayenne pepper.

2. Yogurt

Yogurt is incredibly rich in probiotics, which are basically good bacteria that aids our gastrointestinal system in digested and absorbing the food we consume much easily and effectively. Instead of following your dinner with a heavy sugar-loaded dessert, treat yourself to a generous serving of non-fat yogurt topped with blueberries, grapefruit and mixed nuts.

It will cut down the calories that you would otherwise consume with a brownie, and yogurt will provide your body a powerful dose of nutrient that will enhance your sleep quality and lengthen your sleep duration.

What to Eat When Bloated and Gassy


Just be sure to pick out plain yogurt over those processed sugary fruit-flavoured yogurt varieties.

3. Ginger

For centuries, the benefits of ginger have been regarded by herbalist and ancient medicine practitioners all over the world. Modern science also regards ginger in high esteem as it boosts potently powerful anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory profiles that are miraculously effective at eliminating the symptoms of bloating.

Ginger is brimming with zingibain, which is basically a digestive enzyme that aids the body in breaking down protein. This explains why sushi is always served with a big chunk of ginger on the side.

A hot cup of homemade ginger tea is probably the best way to enjoy all its digestive benefits. You can enjoy a cup during your meal, before your meal or even after your meal in order to aid your body in the production of gastric juices, bile and saliva that are necessary to promote smooth digestion.

How to use Ginger for Bloating


Ginger tea is extremely effective at relaxing the intestines, and reducing the inflammation within the colon, which naturally aids the food we consume to easily travel through our body. This also brings about a reduction in the symptoms of gas and bloating.

4. Bananas

One of the most convenient and easiest-to-obtain foods, bananas are also one of the best foods that will help you achieve a flat belly in no time. Even though these low-maintenance treats never get enough credit, they are one of the richest food-based sources of potassium, which aids in eliminating the symptoms of bloating.

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Consuming bananas regularly will not only help you fight that awful bloat, but also, it will help regulate and normalize the sodium intake of your body.

5. Fennel Seeds

For thousands of years, Indian Ayurveda has regarded the amazing benefits of fennel seeds and the ability of this powerful herb at eliminating the awful symptoms of bloating and gas.

It is not just a breath-freshener, but more importantly, like ginger, it is one of the best natural remedies to sooth away digestive ailments.

It contains powerful compounds, such as estragole, anethole and fenchone, which boost mighty anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic profiles that aid in relaxing the intestinal muscles, allowing the trapped gas to escape and provide relief.

How to Eat Fennel Seeds


You can add fennel seeds to your breakfast, dinner meals and even your desserts, or you can enjoy a soothing cup of fennel tea.

6. Lemons & Lemon Juice

For hundreds of years, lemon water has been regarded as one of the most effective remedies to naturally eliminate the symptoms of bloating. And modern science also regards these benefits for the atomic composition of lemon juice is very similar to that of the digestive juices present within our stomach, along with our bile and saliva. Therefore, it is extremely effective at eliminating the symptoms of indigestion, particularly belching and bloating.

Most people suffering from digestion ailments usually don’t obtain sufficient amounts of hydrochloric acid that is required to ensure the proper digestion of every food item that are loading up in their stomach, especially food items such as complex carbohydrates, animal-based proteins, gluten and dairy products.

Lemon Juice for Gas and Bloating


The regular consumption of lemon juice can help promote faster, smoother and efficient digestion of all food items that you consume. This will help preventing bloating from occurring in the first place.

7. Garlic

If you avoid garlic because of the awful stench it leaves in your throat, consider this: for centuries, it has remained one of the most popular ancient remedies to eliminate the symptoms of bloating and several other ailments. However, you must also understand that consuming garlic with other foods, particular foods that are excessively high in sodium tends to cause bloating, but when you consume it alone, it can help eliminate the symptoms of gas and beat bloating.

Garlic soup is extremely simple to make, and it will help provide your body a quick fix of garlic to relive all your abdominal issues and cleanse your system entirely. All you need is three minced cloves of garlic, which can be both, sautéed or roasted, to suit your taste.

Be sure to cook it with extra virgin olive oil on very low heat, and add in some low-sodium vegetable broth, leaving it to simmer for at least 10-15 minutes.

Garlic Gas Relief


8. Melons

Even though they have a succulently sweet taste and they are excellent at filling you up, melons largely comprise of water, almost a whopping 90%.

Much like cucumbers and watermelons, they have an incredibly high water content, which is nearly the same as consuming water straight from a glass. Therefore, melons are extremely effective at increasing the overall hydration levels of the body and eliminating the horrid symptoms of bloating.

Does Watermelon Cause Gas


Moreover, melons are natural diuretics, which makes them effective at aiding the body urinate all the excess salt and water.

A colourful melon salad is the perfect and easiest recipe to keep your body hydrated during the long, hot and humid days of summer.

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