7 Surprising Benefits Of Eating More Ginger (Goodbye, Migraine!)

2. Get Rid of Arthritis

Scientific evidence suggests that ginger has proven immensely beneficial at curbing and reducing the symptoms of arthritis, such as inflammation, and aching joints. Ginger is brimming with fiercely powerful anti-inflammatory compounds, called gingerols, which prevent the growth of inflammatory cytokines and protect your joints from becoming inflamed. A recent rheumatology research revealed that ginger extracts are highly effective at preventing and reducing the symptoms of osteoarthritis in the knee.

The best way to experience effective results is to eat as much ginger as you can in your regular meals. You can add ginger to your seafood items, veggies, soups chicken casseroles, pastas, pizzas-basically anything and everything.

3. Heal Sore Muscles

Several studies validate the fact that ginger is highly effective at healing sore muscles due to its immensely powerful anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving profiles. It is your best trick to prevent sore muscles after a gruelling workout session at the gym. Be sure to consume a glass of ginger juice before starting a workout.

Research reveals that individuals who consume 2gs of ginger every day, be it raw, freshly grated or in powdered form, cut down their workout-induced muscle soreness by a whopping 25%. Ginger is highly beneficial for all athletes and fitness fanatics who regularly shred their bodies at the gym, or the field. A recent study revealed that athletes who regularly consume ginger not only increase their agility and endurance, but also, they cut down their risk for developing inflammation.

Consuming ginger doesn’t have to be a distasteful experience, especially if you consume it in desserts, soups, juices and smoothies.

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