7 Surprising Benefits Of Eating More Ginger (Goodbye, Migraine!)

Ginger is one of the most highly regarded and praised herbs in Indian Ayurveda and ancient Chinese medicine. This powerful healing spice is a remarkable cure for several mental and bodily ailments, and there is ample research and scientific evidence to validate ginger’s wondrous health-enhancing claims.

From curing motion sickness, congestion, common colds and headaches, ginger also reduces the symptoms of bloating, builds up your immunity, eases the pain of PMS, and helps eliminate the pain in your joints and muscles. So, if you don’t have ginger in your pantry, you’re depriving yourself, and your family, a miraculously healing herb that is far more powerful than prescription and over-the-counter medicines.

It’s about time to stock up some fresh ginger roots along with powdered ginger so you can use it to fix some nutritious smoothies, soups, casseroles, juices and soothing cup of teas that will help you get rid of several health ailments, along with slim down your waist by getting rid of those unwanted pounds.

Experts believe that ginger’s powerful anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving profile is so amazingly effective that one doesn’t even have to consume large doses to experience beneficial results. All you need is 2gs of ginger every day, which should be no more than ¾ tsp. if you’re using ginger in powdered form, and 1 tbsp. if you’re using freshly grated ginger. It will not only enhance your bodily strength, muscle agility, and immunity, more importantly, it will keep you energetic, fresh and focused all day long.

Here, take a look at the 7 wondrously amazing benefits for consuming more ginger every day:

1. Enhance your Immunity

Ginger is not only the best natural remedy to fight off colds and flu, but more importantly, it works to make sure that the cold never attacks your body. You see, ginger is brimming with powerful chemicals, called sesquiterpenes, which fight against rhinovirus that happens to be the most prevalent cause of common colds.

A hot cup of ginger tea will help you get rid of flu, cold and all other congestion symptoms, along with brimming up your body with powerful immunity-enhancing antioxidants, which will naturally work to cut down the fever and eliminate the pain. A nice cup of cardamom-ginger tea is just what you need to boost your immunity, and prevent common colds from attacking your body.

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