7 Suprising Conditions You Can Treat with Acupuncture

How acupuncture heals

Acupuncture belongs to China as it has been the part of their medicine since centuries but in today’s world acupuncture is being practiced with the touch of many western philosophies and medicines. The process of acupuncture goes like:

  • Acupuncture experts find some pressure points in the body.
  • Insert some tiny needles in those points to enhance the circulation of energy and blood in the whole body.

The basic principle of acupuncture is to improve the energy and blood circulation in the body while creating greater balance. The director of acupuncture and oriental medicine department, Jeff Millison stated that acupuncture makes a person physically, mentally and emotionally strong.

Here are 7 surprising conditions you can treat with acupuncture.

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While in the process, the experts determine the points that need stimulation and then insert the needles to those points accordingly. Before the treatment, acupuncturists determines if some check-up sessions are required, and those sessions include special kind of exercises and some dietary changes. After full clinical trials, the WHO acknowledged that there 28 different conditions that can be treated with the help of acupuncture. 7 out of them are described below:

1. Digestive Issues

Acupuncture linked with relieving the symptoms of inflammation, acid reflux, constipation, heartburn and ulcerative colitis. A study conducted by the University of Arizona stated that acupuncture treatment, twice a week can literally help in comforting severe heartburn and the process is double faster than a prescribed medicinal treatment.

According to another research that conducted in 2014, people who are suffering from chronic ulcerative colitis can be treated with acupuncture quicker than drugs. This is because patients who got acupuncture treatment along with medications and herbal treatment recovered 93% quicker as compared to the other 76% of the patients, who only chooses drugs for their treatment. As the acupuncture experts said that there are greater acupuncture responses for digestive problems especially acid reflux.

Acupuncture for Stomach Issues

2. Pain:

90% of the people who goes for acupuncture treatment is due to pain in the neck, lower back, or in the knees. Acupuncture treatment works same as the drugs and medications but the difference is, this treatment enhances the natural endorphins in the body without depending on the medications.

There was a research mentioned in Archives of Internal Medicine in 2012 that stated the acupuncture worked a lot better than a bogus treatment at comforting the 4 chronic discomforts. Those 4 chronic pain includes neck and back pain, severe headache, osteoarthritis and shoulder pain.

Electro Acupuncture treatment is used for extremely severe pain. This kind of treatment uses particular frequencies to target the pain-relieving ways that too includes non-opioid kappa receptors.

The acupuncture professor in Bastyr University of Kenmore, Washington, stated that this treatment is so viable, great and absolutely side-effect free as compared to the other medicated drugs treatment and it is great for relieving pain.

Acupuncture for Back Pain Side Effects

3. Side effects of chemotherapy and radiation

Nausea is a very common side-effect of chemotherapy that can be treated with acupuncture. Chemotherapy and radiation treatment also has some more side-effects like rashes, fatigue, internal dryness, fever and horrible pains and acupuncture is best known for treating all these after effects.

Radiation and chemotherapy treatment helps in destroying cancer cells in the body but they also create a lot of heat in the whole body system. As the experts stated that cancer patients, who get themselves treated with acupuncture, suffers from severe nausea and feverish behavior along with localized pain in particular body parts. So the acupuncture treatment stimulates the internal body organs, regulates energy and blood and leaves the body internally cool and aids in removing the excess heat and inflammation from the body.

A research mentioned in a Journal of Clinical Oncology in 2013, and that stated that the acupuncture is an ideal treatment for chemotherapy-tempted vomiting and nausea. It also aids in fast recovery after the treatment.

Cancer Treatment Side Effects Long Term

4. Infertility

People are using acupuncture to increase fertility. As the acupuncture expert Millison stated that acupuncture is used to boost the fertility among both men and women.

Acupuncture would be great for the women who are already undergoing some conceiving treatment or trying to get pregnant naturally. It is related to the most elementary concept of how acupuncture can balance the whole body. As the Millison stated that when a person’s body is perfectly balanced, most of their health problems are gone that also includes the fertility problems like infertility etc.

When acupuncture is used with western fertility treatments, it increases the conception rates by 26% so 65.5% of the people, undergoing acupuncture treatment were able to get pregnant naturally as compared to the 39.4% of the control group participants, who didn’t go for the acupuncture treatment. If you are trying to conceive than keep an eye on the things that could affect your fertility or do try acupuncture.

Acupuncture NYC Fertility

5. Mood disorders

Anxiety and depression is a problem of all of us and acupuncture can help us all. Lumiere is an acupuncture expert, who noticed that more of her acupuncture patients come in, with intensified state of depression and anxiety and when they leave, they look quite relaxed. By this behavior, she judged that acupuncture aids in relieving anxiety and stress. Now this is because acupuncture can boost the endorphins, dopamine and serotonin levels and all of them are related to relaxed mood and improved sleep.

In 2011, a study mentioned in Affective Disorders journal, that suggested that the acupuncture is an effective treatment for the people with treatment-resistant depression.

People who are suffering from anxiety and depression, acupuncture gives them a window of time to think about their well-being that opens up their mind and thinking pattern and they jump-in to the brighter side of the life that causes major shift in the overall behaviour.

Anxiety Acupuncture Treatment

6. Stroke rehabilitation

Lumiere says that the acupuncture stimulates the blood flow and overall circulation to the body, and this makes it the great treatment option for the parts of the body that are not getting proper flow of the blood. For example, the parts of the body affected by the strokes symptoms. Impacted or affected body parts may include an affected limb or injured part of the brain.

Acupuncture experts use electro-acupuncture treatment for stroke rehabilitation. In electro-acupuncture treatment, they use some mild levels of electrical stimulus that engages the nervous system and triggers the muscles to contract.

Stroke and Rehabilitation and Recovery

7. Sleep disturbances

Acupuncture benefits include mind relaxation, which is directly linked with solving sleep problems and treating insomnia.

According to the study conducted in 2013, acupuncture is far more beneficial for treating insomnia as compared to the sleep-related drugs and medications. As Lumiere stated that acupuncture aids in sleeping because it reduces the anxiety and stress levels.

People might have problems while sleeping or they wake-up in the middle of the night without any reason, or sometimes they wake-up too early and have trouble sleeping back, acupuncture is ideal treatment for treating all 3 situations. And the best thing is it doesn’t have any kind of side-effect like other sleep related drugs.

Sleep Apnea Acupuncture

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