7 Foods and Drinks That May Affect Asthma

How Does Diet Affect Asthma?

Our Health greatly depends upon our diet. Whatever goes in, it’s always going to show up later on! Surprisingly, if you are any of the 18 million American adults who are suffering from asthma, you must be aware of asthma to be triggered by inflammation in lungs.

A pioneering research group has declared that some foods really worsen inflammatory responses in lungs which lead to severe case of asthma. Meredith C. McCormack, MD as well as professor in field of medicine at John Hopkins Medicine has treated patients with asthma and came up with similar conclusion.

Dr. McCormack, primarily, is studying effects of dietary changes and alterations along with their effects upon asthmatic inflammation in lungs. He says that clinical evidence is definitely available regarding changes in diet and it’s after effects on asthma even though it’s at the evolving stage and needs more research.

By avoiding these 7 foods and drinks could help improve your #asthma management. #asthmarelief

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When making up your food plan, consult your doctor about avoiding 7 foods to improve upon your asthmatic problems.

1. Artificial Sweeteners

Aspartame, apparently a calorie-free sweetener, is actually among the food additives being used commonly in diet sodas and other drinks. Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) confirmed these additives to be a reason behind allergic reactions.

Do Artificial Sweeteners Cause Weight Gain

Asthma patients should avoid foods containing any added preservatives and additives, according to Peg Strub, who is chief of allergy department at Kaiser Permanente Medical Centre situated in San Francisco. The allergic symptoms triggered by such foods are similar to those of asthma and can sometimes worsen the symptoms of asthma, so, it is advised by Peg Strub to patients to avoid foods containing chemicals and artificial ingredients.

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