7 Caffeine-Free Ways To Boost Your Energy

Coffee isn’t the sole Power House when you’re down in Energy!!

We love to have easy and quick solutions to our problems and same goes for our health, whenever we need an instant energy boost we search for a cup of most trending drink: Coffee. It might astonish you to know about new USDA report which details that women around the age of 30’s have intake of nearly 165 mg of food but around the age of 50, they take up about 225 mg. of food.

A fatigue expert, Jacob Teitelbaum, reveals that people currently are suffering from energy crisis in comparison to their ancestors because of their increased reliance upon energy drinks and coffee.

How to Get Instant Energy without Caffeine

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Getting a treat of Starbucks every once in a while is not a necessity. Though the antioxidants are your friends, definitely, but they can’t help you for long. Five to seven cups of coffee each day may help you get past the day but it will leave your body extremely exhausted and fatigued. The quick fix bandage of caffeine cannot cover up your exhaustion for an extended time-period.

1. Massage Your Ears

It may sound unreliable and funny but there’s a reason that Dr. Teitelbaum details which says that all the acupressure meridians, the energy pathways, of body pass through the outer ear. When you massage the rim of your outer ear, all energy pathways sync up and unite to streamline the energy flow in your body.

Here’s how you can massage your ear for perfect response of body! Pinch your ear’s rim between your index finger and thumb, and rub it for about 10 to 30 seconds. Try and test it by yourself, and you will soon be sharing the amusing secret with others as well.

Ear Reflexology for Weight Loss

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