7 Caffeine-Free Ways To Boost Your Energy

Coffee isn’t the sole Power House when you’re down in Energy!!

We love to have easy and quick solutions to our problems and same goes for our health, whenever we need an instant energy boost we search for a cup of most trending drink: Coffee. It might astonish you to know about new USDA report which details that women around the age of 30’s have intake of nearly 165 mg of food but around the age of 50, they take up about 225 mg. of food.

A fatigue expert, Jacob Teitelbaum, reveals that people currently are suffering from energy crisis in comparison to their ancestors because of their increased reliance upon energy drinks and coffee.

How to Get Instant Energy without Caffeine

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Getting a treat of Starbucks every once in a while is not a necessity. Though the antioxidants are your friends, definitely, but they can’t help you for long. Five to seven cups of coffee each day may help you get past the day but it will leave your body extremely exhausted and fatigued. The quick fix bandage of caffeine cannot cover up your exhaustion for an extended time-period.

1. Massage Your Ears

It may sound unreliable and funny but there’s a reason that Dr. Teitelbaum details which says that all the acupressure meridians, the energy pathways, of body pass through the outer ear. When you massage the rim of your outer ear, all energy pathways sync up and unite to streamline the energy flow in your body.

Here’s how you can massage your ear for perfect response of body! Pinch your ear’s rim between your index finger and thumb, and rub it for about 10 to 30 seconds. Try and test it by yourself, and you will soon be sharing the amusing secret with others as well.

Ear Reflexology for Weight Loss

2. Look Out For Your Sweet-Spot For Whole-Grain

The carbs initially provide you energy but then you will feel drained and lazy. Dr Teitelbaum gives the example of white flour which gives a great energy boost and then leaves a person to be feeling sluggish afterwards. He suggests that whole grains supply with real energy without any harmful after-effects.

In a journal “Appetite” a recently published study says that people who substituted carbs with whole grain foods felt more energetic throughout the day.

People who had around six servings of healthy carbs still felt drowsy and drained as it primarily triggers a gush of serotonin-which is the reason behind your feeling lethargic.

Whole Grain Sweet Spot

Make whole-grain foods like cereals or a toast slice (with protein) part of your breakfast as whole grain food at the start of day helps people stay energetic throughout the day.

3. Brighten Up

Darkness and sleep time are knotted together well enough but bright light instantly awakens your mind. Yet, a recent study of 2013 explains it quite differently based on kinds of rays that function differently.

Lightening Research Center of New York reveals that red light has strong effects in afternoon than blue light to stimulate your waking up of brain. Conversely, Dr. Teitelbaum warns about red light to be irritable by causing an edgy alertness in contrast to blue light which has calmer effects. He advises installation of blue bulbs in desk lamps which are to be switched on after lunch for smoother work flow and of keeping of a red light for the bedroom as red light triggers sexual energy.

Bright light awakens your brain

4. Learn About Anything Unknown

Working till afternoon really gets you feel droopy. Amazingly enough! A study conducted at Michigan University revealed that the commonly employed strategies of checking on emails, switching and shifting of tasks, and making some new to-do lists are outdated. What really works is to learn something new each time you feel bored and your brain tends to sleep.

Your brain needs to get engaged in something interesting and surprising to get alert and overcome all the triggers of sleep and drowsiness, reveals previous NASA researcher and a specialist in fatigue management, John Caldwell. Do whatever interests you like doodling, listening to songs, watching motivational videos or creative videos etc. But keep your mind off of the food cravings you might feel.

Learn something new

5. Plant a Garden

If you’re sick of working out on your tread mill and stationary bike, there’s a task that Dr. Teitelbaum suggests to assign everyone, which is, to follow your active hobbies.

Passive reading or writing won’t help you. So, if you like riding or playing basketball, dancing or some gardening, go for it daily because your hobbies supply your body with sustained and long-term energy.

Why gardening has been suggested? The reason lies in the secret behind the skin contact with soil while digging, which fights oxidative stress in body. Less stress means more energy. Dr. Teitelbaum gives an example of wires and electrical systems that have a grounded wire. Similarly, when you touch the soil, all the positive charges and electrons flow out of your body and are exchanged with negative electrons from ground into your body.

Great landscaping plants

Leave out your gloves and do gardening barehanded. Have morning walks bare footed each day to channelize your energy perfectly. This earthing process in humans may sound unfamiliar and unbelievable but research has proven it right.

6. Listen To Your Favorite Song

Did you notice how your favorite song quickly shifts and changes your mood as if giving you some positive vibes and energy? You may drive faster with a good song on radio. Singing along will get you involved and have more fun and energy. Astonishingly, enjoying a song and singing along provides great supply of energy more than a cardio-workout. Even Dr. Teitelbaum suggests playing music and singing can get you out of your tension circles.

Make a playlist of songs that involve and stimulate you the most, to make you sing out loudly or get you to dance a little bit on the beat.

Chance the rapper favorite song

7. Chew A Piece Of Gum

Just revive that childhood habit of chewing gum all day long. It not only refreshes your breath but also rejuvenates your body.

A 2012 research says that people who chew gums are more alert and energetic. Andy Smith, who is a PhD, provides the scientific basis for it by revealing that chewing gum enhances heart rate and then blood flow towards the brain.

The increased alertness is because of stimulated state of autonomic nervous system due to chewing of gum. Dr. Teitelbaum suggests that mint-flavor is a perfect pick because it triggers nerve fibers as if cold water has been splashed upon your face.

Chew Gum to Boost Energy

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