7 Best Foods for a Healthy Immune System


All types of beans play their part in boosting the immune system. Beans are rich in protein and protein plays an essential part in building the cells. The cells built by protein also include the cells of the immune system.

More consumption of beans means more consumption of protein, which results in building more cells of the immune system.

Beans also have many other nutrients such as the B vitamins, magnesium, fiber, potassium and folate. All of these nutrients contribute in making the body strong and healthy.

Beans of any kind can be added in salads and soups. It is recommended to eat at least one cup of beans weekly.


Yogurt naturally has probiotics. Probiotics are the good gut bacteria that are good for our body and they improve the immune system too.

It is better to get a dose of probiotics daily to get the maximum benefit. Yogurt is healthy, light and refreshing.

There are many ways to add yogurt into your daily diet. You can add it in your smoothies, salads, desserts or even eat it as it is. It also comes in many flavors so you can always grab your favorite flavor in case you don’t like plain yogurt. This way you can give probiotics to your body which will boost your immune system. Probiotics also reduce the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

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