6 Things You Need To Know About Your Liver That Have Nothing To Do With Alcohol

5. You might not notice any symptoms of liver disease

Liver disease symptoms are not easy to judge because they includes common symptoms that you get regularly for no common or serious reason. The symptoms may include fatigue, itchiness, and dry eyes. But when the diseases gets serious, you start to get serious symptoms, which are related to cirrhosis that includes weight loss, nausea, confusion, swelling and yellowing of the eyes and entire skin.

The experts states that there are many liver diseases which are asymptomatic and can only be found when screened. That is the reason doctors includes the liver test in regular check-up, to avoid any unseen circumstances.

6. Your liver is doing the detox thing for you

As we know that our liver process what we drink or eat and eliminates the toxin stuff from our body. I know you are thinking about alcohol again but no this time I didn’t mean alcohol at all. Our liver removes the toxins which are found in our food and medications.

As we get older and depends a lot on the medicated drugs, it gets even more important to take good care of liver’s health. This is because if the liver functions are declining than there are greater risks of getting liver damage due to medicated drugs.

Fortunately, the liver knows how to do its work and how to remove the toxins but still we should take care of what we eat or drink. Do not bombard your liver with all toxins and expects from the liver to remove it. I’m not saying cut off the wine from your diet, but consider having proper healthy diet, maintain overall body weight, get some regular physical activity, and treat your liver like it should be treated. According to the liver health experts that the health of your liver is all in your control unless you are born with some liver disorder or something.

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