6 Things You Need To Know About Your Liver That Have Nothing To Do With Alcohol

2. Not every liver disease is connected to alcohol

Cirrhosis is not the only kind of liver disease you might ever suffer from. There is another liver condition getting viral, known as Non-alcoholic fatty liver ailment, which usually occurs when the layers of fats covers the entire liver.

According to the experts that deals with all kind of liver problems in Rush University Medical Centre, Chicago, he stated that the people who are obese are more likely to suffer from diabetes, pre-diabetic condition and other metabolic syndromes that develops fats around the liver. That fat actually looks like the fat people usually has who drinks a lot of alcohol.

More fat in or around the liver is linked with higher risk of liver cancer that results in liver transplant. He further stated that the condition can be overcome with healthy diet and regular exercise. Just a small reduction in overall body’s weight can literally reduce inflammation in the liver, liver scars and ultimate many other ailments connected to the liver.

There are some other condition that can cause cirrhosis but they aren’t actually connected with excessive drinking. And those conditions are primary biliary cholangitis, hepatitis, and autoimmune diseases that clues the liver to attack healthy cells. PBC is one of the main cause of cirrhosis and it is even more common in women as compared to men.

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