6 Things You Need To Know About Your Liver That Have Nothing To Do With Alcohol

Liver is the biggest gland and the biggest internal organ and due to this it needs care. If you are drinking according to the recommended amount, which is a glass for men and little less for women then you should be worried about the health of your liver.

When we think about the common liver problems, we usually think about cirrhosis, which is a liver damage that even can leads to liver failure. Cirrhosis is associated with drinking excessive alcohol, which is a pattern of prolonged scarring of the organ that even blocks the flow of blood and breaks the many important processes of the liver.

Treatment for Psoriasis of the Liver

Despite having alcohol problems, there are so much other things going on related to the liver. As the experts says that people usually thinks their livers can only be affected if they do something erroneous to it but in real liver diseases cuts across gender, ages and social statuses, so every individual needs to take care of their health in a good way to prevent any bad.

Following are some of the facts that are extremely important to keep in mind if you are really concerned about the health of your essential internal organ which is liver.

1. You just can’t live without your liver

Whatever you believe either The God or evolution, nothing can leave your body with such an essential organ if it is not doing something extremely important. There are numerous tasks, our liver is performing like hundreds and thousands or how you count the list. Those tasks includes blood clotting, digestion, removing viruses and bacteria, storing fats and sugars and building proteins in the body.

Causes of Psoriasis of the Liver

You shouldn’t forget that every time you breathe, eat or drink, it was all processed by your liver. Liver is more like a huge manufacturing plant of the body. Considering stopping all those function, do you think you can survive? No! This is because it involve a lot of pathways along with a lot of body functions. The liver complications can literally be massive, if we don’t care on certain things.

2. Not every liver disease is connected to alcohol

Cirrhosis is not the only kind of liver disease you might ever suffer from. There is another liver condition getting viral, known as Non-alcoholic fatty liver ailment, which usually occurs when the layers of fats covers the entire liver.

According to the experts that deals with all kind of liver problems in Rush University Medical Centre, Chicago, he stated that the people who are obese are more likely to suffer from diabetes, pre-diabetic condition and other metabolic syndromes that develops fats around the liver. That fat actually looks like the fat people usually has who drinks a lot of alcohol.

More fat in or around the liver is linked with higher risk of liver cancer that results in liver transplant. He further stated that the condition can be overcome with healthy diet and regular exercise. Just a small reduction in overall body’s weight can literally reduce inflammation in the liver, liver scars and ultimate many other ailments connected to the liver.

Alcoholism Cirrhosis

There are some other condition that can cause cirrhosis but they aren’t actually connected with excessive drinking. And those conditions are primary biliary cholangitis, hepatitis, and autoimmune diseases that clues the liver to attack healthy cells. PBC is one of the main cause of cirrhosis and it is even more common in women as compared to men.

3. The liver regenerates

Despite being the biggest and most important internal organ of the body, it is also the only organ that can completely regenerate. The cells in the liver are in constant try to build damage cells that rebuilds the organ quickly. So that is the reason liver transplant takes only a portion of another liver to heal the damaged one.

When a lot of repairs are required in the liver that some of them comes like scarring, though excessive scarring causes cirrhosis. So consider the fact that our livers regenerate but it is really important to not to tax them so much. By this we mean, just don’t punish your liver so much that it ended up getting failed.

Liver Cell Hepatocyte

4. Your birthday predicts your risk for hepatitis C

The virus of hepatitis C spreads via blood, which means getting involved in unwanted sexual behaviours, injecting harmful drugs or with used equipment can literally increase the risk of liver damage. These were the risky behaviours in our hands, despite them, more than 75% of the people in United States have in thing common and that is their birth year in somewhere between 1945 to 1965.

According to the United States PSTF, people who born in the above mentioned years should get themselves scanned every year to avoid any health risk. People are usually afraid of getting to the doctor because they thinks diagnosing is scary but in real if they get diagnosed as soon as possible, they will get quick treatment. It is not known yet that why that is so but 90% of viruses are linked with contaminated blood transfusions and hepatitis C was not widely diagnosed until it was 1992.

Hepatitis C Interferon - Liver Treatment for Hepatitis C

5. You might not notice any symptoms of liver disease

Liver disease symptoms are not easy to judge because they includes common symptoms that you get regularly for no common or serious reason. The symptoms may include fatigue, itchiness, and dry eyes. But when the diseases gets serious, you start to get serious symptoms, which are related to cirrhosis that includes weight loss, nausea, confusion, swelling and yellowing of the eyes and entire skin.

The experts states that there are many liver diseases which are asymptomatic and can only be found when screened. That is the reason doctors includes the liver test in regular check-up, to avoid any unseen circumstances.

Liver Disease Pain Symptoms

6. Your liver is doing the detox thing for you

As we know that our liver process what we drink or eat and eliminates the toxin stuff from our body. I know you are thinking about alcohol again but no this time I didn’t mean alcohol at all. Our liver removes the toxins which are found in our food and medications.

As we get older and depends a lot on the medicated drugs, it gets even more important to take good care of liver’s health. This is because if the liver functions are declining than there are greater risks of getting liver damage due to medicated drugs.

Medical Detox

Fortunately, the liver knows how to do its work and how to remove the toxins but still we should take care of what we eat or drink. Do not bombard your liver with all toxins and expects from the liver to remove it. I’m not saying cut off the wine from your diet, but consider having proper healthy diet, maintain overall body weight, get some regular physical activity, and treat your liver like it should be treated. According to the liver health experts that the health of your liver is all in your control unless you are born with some liver disorder or something.

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