6 Surprising Foods You Should Never Eat Raw

There are a lot of people who like eating raw food because they think cooking it reduces the nutrients in it and it causes no benefit to the body, while the others think that eating raw damages your health and can cause different diseases. However, this debate is usually on meat but we all know that eating raw can salmonella, food poisoning and other foodborne illnesses.

It specially affects children, old people and people having a weak immune system. But when it comes to certain vegetables and other foods, we all think it is okay to eat them raw, while we should be careful with vegetables and other crops as well.

Here are six potentially poisonous foods that cause harm if eaten raw or uncooked.

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Certain foods should never be eaten raw because they contain natural toxins or sugars that are hard to digest and this causes gastrointestinal distress and a number of other illnesses. Other foods may contain harmful bacteria that remains there if the food is not cooked properly and causes harmful effects on your body.

Here is a list of 6 foods that you did not know you should not be eating raw:

1. Potatoes

Okay, people do not usually eat raw potatoes and do not like them too, but they are not good for you either. Ashvini Mashru, MA, RD, LDN, the owner of Wellness Nutrition Concepts in Malvern, PA says that if uncooked, the starch in the potatoes can cause digestive problems, gas and bloating.

To gain maximum benefits from the potatoes, you should bake, steam, sauté or otherwise cook them, she says. In addition to this, she advises people to stay away from green potatoes and not to eat them at all.

Potatoes contain a very high concentration of solanine, that is a quite poisonous toxin and can cause headaches and nausea even if taken in a very small quantity.

Is there Sugar in Potatoes

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