6 Physical Symptoms That Mean You’re Drinking Too Much Coffee

Coffee is not something that we can avoid absolutely from our lives because our day doesn’t start without a happening cup of a happiness. And it is also associated with sweet incentives like yummy taste, low risk of dementia and healthy longevity. But higher intake of coffee can also cause side effects, some you even really don’t want to happen.

It is absolutely not recommended to avoid coffee totally from your diet but excess of everything is not always good. Same goes for the coffee as well.

Have a look at the 6 things that could happen to you if you drink too much coffee.

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Have a look at the 6 things that could happen to you if you drink too much coffee.

1. You are a little too amped-up

Coffee is not just a nervous system stimulator but it has excess of caffeine that hunks the adenosine receptors while heating up the dopamine, adrenaline, and glutamate, and this is a combo that can result in flight to fight anger or frenzy. According to a neurological expert professor, sensitive or considerate nervous system can cause stress or anxiety problems, irritated behaviour, increased heartbeat, frights, and sometimes sudden burst of angry feelings.

How much caffine does coffee have

Coffee fix: Drink no more than recommended cups of coffee in a day and even try to reduce regular intake of caffeine to have healthy life with less stress and anxiety and good heart condition.

2. You crash during the day

People use coffee for its quick pick me up advantages as it reduces the tiredness and dizziness in a flash but when the feeling caused of coffee reduces, there are more chances that you might crash during the day. Again according to the neurological experts’, excess presence of caffeine reduces the productivity that affects the everyday tasks and slacked off feelings in hard workers. A lot of people rely on their coffee mugs throughout the day for instant quick boost of energy but this is actually a false energy that is making you lazier than active throughout your daily activities.

Caffeine in regular coffee

Coffee fix: Make sure you are using food for energy instead of drinking too much coffee.

3. You take A LOT of trips to the bathroom

Coffee increases the need for urinating even if you are not regular or heavy coffee drinker, because coffee is diuretic.

According to the research conducted on coffee, it is not dehydrating but if you rely too much on coffee than water than this might not hydrate you well.

Can coffee help with constipation

Coffee fix: If you really need to have a cup of coffee than combine this with a healthy and light snack because this is reduces the fluid movement inside your body and reduces the urgent need for urinating.

4. Your eyes will twitch more

Eye twitching is never linked with anything and it come suddenly and out of nowhere but according to the researches on caffeine, they stated caffeine as one of the major reason that causes eye twitching. As it releases the noradrenaline and serotonin and excitatory neurotransmitters that triggers the activity of eye nerves and muscles causing them to twitch.

Dry eye twitching

Coffee fix: Reduce your coffee intake and start taking more water.

5. Urgent washroom needs, Like NOW

30% out of 100% people suffers from laxative effects of coffee that may trigger the urgent needs to use toilet. Though experts are still not sure about what causes to toilet trip needs but this is maybe acidic and stimulating nature of the coffee.

It may increase the bowel movements and a person needs to visit the toilet NOW like quickly to avoid any ‘mishap’.

Coffee Helps Constipation

Coffee fix: Have darker coffee instead of light one because darker coffees like espressos and French toast are less acidic and contains lesser caffeine as compared to the others.

6. Reduces your sleep timings and disturbs the sleep patterns

Researches states that coffee affects the sleep patterns, quality and quantity of the sleep and even making it hard to sleep on time. Even if you take a cup of coffee 6 hours before sleeping. It can also affect the daily body’s rhythm while giving you sleepy head feelings during the day.

Sleep is one of the most important thing that needs to be proper because this may affect the overall body’s performance throughout the day. So it is better to eliminate something which is affecting sleep patterns or if it is leading you to sleep loss.

Caffeine and Sleeplessness

Coffee fix: Stop taking a cup of coffee after 4pm to have good night’s sleep.

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