6 Healthy Foods You Should Never Add To Your Smoothie

5. Celery

Remember the bitter, stingy taste of the raw celery? That’s what your drink will get by mixing raw celery in it. They’re fine when you’re nibbling on a stalk; however, if you attempt to drink that, you’re most likely going to choke. Also, let’s be realistic: Don’t fall for the temptation and never add raw celery in your smoothie.

The last thing you would want would be your drink tasting like a Thanksgiving stuffing.

6. Ice

This one might sound a bit unusual, but a smoothie doesn’t need the blend of ice to make it better. Your drink’s always better without ice.

Ice weakens a smoothie’s flavour and leaves the surface slushy and watery. Also after some time, it thoroughly wrecks the sharp edges of your blender.

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