6 Healthy Foods You Should Never Add To Your Smoothie

3. Raw Beets

That profound magenta shading is surely something, right? In any case, unless you have a Vitamix, avoid hurling these crude root veggies into your drink. A ho-murmur blender is just truly fit for blitzing your beets into the surface of snappy cooking oats. On the off chance that you need to do a red smoothie, cook and peel your beets first. (Wrapping them in thwart and heating at 425˚ for 60 minutes will do the trap).

The perfect reddish purple colour will do the trick along with the freshness of the zesty flavour only when cooked nicely and mixed with better ingredients.

4. Fresh Ginger

In spite of the attractive pictures and the guaranteed tasty endeavour the smoothie recipes show, adding fresh ginger in your drink is as bad as eating it raw. You can’t simply hurl a handle of crisp ginger into your blender and get a tasty, consistently enhanced drink. VitaMix people aside, don’t forget to mince or mash your ginger finely before hurling it in the blender.

A ginger paste will always pay off the flavour and taste to your drink.

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