6 Eating Rules For Faster Weight Loss

6. Calcium & Vitamin D

Nutritionists and weight loss experts recommended the daily consumption of at least three servings of foods that contain vitamin D and calcium, both of which you can obtain from dairy products. These two essential nutrients work together to enhance body functions and strengthen the bone structure.

Recent research indicates that these nutrients aid in flexing muscles to aid in achieving greater weight loss benefits. Dairy products are your richest source of both, calcium and vitamin D.

A study attempted to examine the truth behind these claims with a sample group of college students who were given three servings of dairy each day. The results revealed a marked reduction in their weight, along with a reduction in their belly fat and weight gain as opposed to the participants who consumed very little or no dairy products whatsoever.

Vitamin D plays an instrumental role in aiding weight loss and maintenance. Research reveals that excessive body fat uses vitamin D to make sure the body is unable to utilize it, and this deficiency interferes with the activities of leptin, the hormone that signals the brain to promote satiety. Naturally, when you fail to realise that you’re full, you tend to overeat a lot more.

It’s also beneficial to pick out a vitamin D supplement. Recent research indicates that this essential vitamin plays a detrimental role in shielding your mind and body from countless ailments, including chronic pain, heart ailments and memory loss. There is an abundance of research that urges us to consume our daily recommended dosage of vitamin D, particularly as we age since the aging skin is unable to produce sufficient amounts of vitamin D and the sunscreens we lather on our skin prevents the body to utilize sunlight to develop it naturally.

Experts recommended the daily consumption of at least 200 milligrams of vitamin D for men and women between the ages of 19-50. While men and women above 50 must consume at least 600 milligrams. Similarly, the daily recommended dosage of calcium is 1000 milligram for men and women between the ages of 19-50, while those who are above 50 must aim to consume at least 1,200 milligrams a day.

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