6 Eating Rules For Faster Weight Loss

4. Water

Research reveals that consuming large amounts of water aids in reaping phenomenal weight loss advantages, which can work out in two different ways. Firstly, if you consume at least 4 cups of water in a day, you end up losing 5 pounds in one year. Researchers believe that the more water you consume, the greater your body’s ability to burn calories and generate energy.

Secondly, if you pick out water as an alternative for all your sugar-loaded beverages, energy drinks, flavoured sodas and sweetened coffees, teas and even milk, you can cut down even greater amount of weight. However, in order to achieve effective results, you must eliminate sugary beverages and increase your water intake as much as you can.

If you find it extremely hard to give up the consumption of creamy lattes and sugary sodas, allow us to present a healthier alternative. Research reveals that when people devour a certain quantity of calories in liquid form, they tend to feel hungrier, which causes them to indulge in overeating while having their next meal. So, it’s better to devour a 200-calorie snack to feel satiated as opposed to consuming a 200-calorie drink, which will only increase your appetite. Besides, if plain water is too boring, you can always enhance the flavour with natural foods and fruits.

5. Protein

Be sure to devour at least three servings of lean protein, for instance pork loin chops, white meat chicken, lean beef sirloin and turkey. They will provide your body a powerful dose of protein that aids in promoting feelings of satiety by filling you up, which will help you achieve your weight loss goals by curbing your appetite.

A recent study attempted to examine the weight loss benefits of consuming a high-protein breakfast. The results revealed that participants who consumed a high-protein breakfast ended up feeling much fuller and satiated, which made them consume lesser calories at lunch as opposed to the participants who were given a low-protein breakfast.

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