52 Foods That Heal Common Health Problems

23. Nori — To manage menopause

This salty sea delight is one of the most common sushi filling, and one of the richest sources of iodine that is essential for managing the symptoms of menopause. All it takes is one sheet of dry nori to brim your body with 70% of your daily requirement of iodine.

Nori is also highly beneficial for regulating blood sugar levels, shedding off unwanted pounds, and improving the health of the heart. You can enjoy this seaweed in your salads and soups.

24. Turmeric — To lift your mood

This yellow Indian spice is one the best mood-lifting herbs that nature has to offer. Research reveals that turmeric is brimming with curcumin, a powerful natural compound that can fill up your brain with serotonin, the neurotransmitter responsible for making you feel happy.

25. Tart cherry juice — To eliminate insomnia

Tart cherries are one of the richest and rarest natural sources of melatonin, a powerful hormone that is responsible for regulating the sleep cycle, along with be improving sleep quality, relieving the pain of sore muscles, relieving the pain associated with gout, along with reducing the risk for metabolic syndrome. All you need is two ounces of tart cherry juice to eliminate the symptoms of insomnia.

26. Romaine lettuce — To fight fat

This satiating leafy green veggie is a miraculous weight-loss food that work wonders on cutting down calories by 10% with every serving. If you devour 2 cups of romaine lettuce every day, you will nourish your body with a powerful dose of Vitamin A, and a whopping 113% of Vitamin K, one of the most essential bone building nutrient.

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