52 Foods That Heal Common Health Problems

3. Baby Spinach — To manage menopause

This leafy green veggie has emerged as one of the best foods to manage the symptoms of menopause, by helping you cut down your weight. You see, when you’re overweight, the symptoms of menopause, such as night sweats and hot flashes, attack you with a fierceness.

But, according to research, if you begin a fruits and veggies diet to lose weight, you can bring an end to these horrid symptoms. Several studies have concluded that obesity prevents the body from release excess heat, and that leads to several ailments.

A plate full of baby spinach is your best pick to lose weight, for one cup full of these tiny green leaves pack up no more 7 calories and a whopping dose of iron to burn up your fats. Spinach will energize you, and satiate your hunger for a long time.

Spinach is not only ideal for weight loss, but it also prevents cancer, improves the health of the bones, and enhances the functioning of the heart.

4. Chia seeds — To power your workout

Chia seeds are ideal to brim up your body with a mighty surge of energy to fuel a grueling workout at the gym. 1 ounce of chia seeds are a much healthier alternative for those supposedly healthy sports bar salads and protein shakes for it will fill up your body with a whopping 5g of protein to boost up your muscle recovery and strength.

Chia seeds are remarkable at lowering and regulating blood sugar levels, along with eliminating the symptoms of dry eyes.

5. Chicken breast — For more energy

Chicken breasts are packed with energy because they are rich in a certain type of protein that prevents serotonin from relaxing the body. Devouring chicken for lunch is a great trick to keep yourself alert and energetic during those horridly weary hours of the afternoon.

Chicken breast is a great weight loss food, and it also helps enhance the growth of your muscles

6. Barramundi — To lift your mood

This mighty fatty fish packs just as many omega-3 fatty acids as Salmon, and it is one of the best mood-uplifting foods that nature has to offer. Research reveals that barramundi is one of the best foods to reduce and eliminate the symptoms of depression, even in chronic cases.

Barramundi is also a great choice to fight away those drowsy bouts of fatigue, along with encouraging the strength and growth of your muscles.

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