52 Foods That Heal Common Health Problems

47. Sprouted Grain English Muffins — To fight type 2 diabetes

A popular English remedy to prevent and reduce the symptoms of diabetes type 2. Sprouted grains hail from the family of whole grains, which reduce the speed at which glucose mixes up in your bloodstream and every single type you devour 2 of these muffins, you cut down your risk for contracting diabetes by a whopping 21%.

These sprouted grain muffins are a great choice for a weight loss regime, or a cancer preventive diet.

48. Watercress — To prevent cancer

An essential leafy green that is immensely powerful at preventing various types of cancers. It is packed with a powerful burst of glucosinolates, which are essential plant-based chemicals that shield the body against the attack of lung, colon and breast cancers.

Watercress is also highly essential for building up the strength of one’s bones, along with enhancing the immunity of the body against harmful bacteria and infections.

49. Chili Powder — To fight fat

Research reveals that since the incredibly spicy chili powder is packed with capsinoid oil, it is a powerful food to trigger the fat burning process and shed those extra pounds from the belly area. Experts believe that consuming 6g of capsinoid oil every single day can help you bring a dramatic weight loss transformation.

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