52 Foods That Heal Common Health Problems

39. Tomato sauce — For sturdier bones

Experts recommend devouring 1 cup of organic homemade tomato sauce to build up the strength and sturdiness of its bones. Research reveals that 1 cup of tomato cause is packed with 17% potassium, which is far greater than that of a banana. It’s all you need to trigger the process of buffering acid that provides additional support to your skeleton, along with producing calcium within your bones.

Tomato sauce is highly effective for improving the health of the heart, and shielding the body against all types of cancers.

40. Bell peppers — To fight fat

Colorful bell peppers are one of the most effective weight loss foods. They are brimming with Vitamin C, and one bell pepper a day is all you need to nourish your body with twice your daily requirement of this essential nutrient.

41. Pumpkin — For your vision

Canned pumpkin are remarkably effective at improving the vision and relieving the symptoms of eye-related ailments. All you need is half a cup of canned pumpkin to enrich your body with a whopping 136% of Vitamin A, and no more than 42 calories.

Pumpkin is highly effective at regulating blood sugar levels and preventing sugar spikes. It is also one of the most powerful foods for a cancer protection diet regime, along with enhancing the health of the heart.

42. Quinoa — For a happier gut

Quinoa is one of the healthiest gut-friendly foods that nature has to offer, and its unique profile of rare starches are a powerful cure to reduce and eliminate the growth of stomach ulcers. Research reveals that the starches found in this wondrous ancient grain create a protective barrier around the lining of your stomach to prevent ulcer-triggering bacteria from attacking your stomach.

Quinoa is also highly effective at reducing and regulating blood sugar levels, improving the health of the heart, and trigger weight loss to help you achieve a lean, healthy body.

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