52 Foods That Heal Common Health Problems

35. Apples — To protect your heart

You know what they say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. And that’s because an apple is one of the most powerful heart-healthy foods that prevent several heart ailments from plaguing your body. Apples are packed with fiber that flush out cholesterol, while their mighty profile of polyphenols provides a protective shield that prevents free-radicals from attacking the essential cholesterol needed by the body.

Research reveals that eating an apple a day reduces your bad LDL cholesterol levels by a whopping 40%. Apples are highly effective at cutting down extra pounds, improving digestion and eliminating the symptoms of asthma.

36. Melon — To fight fat

Melon is a remarkable fat-fighting food that will help you satiate your dessert cravings along with filling up your tummy with its thick, scintillatingly sweet slices, which pack no more than 45 calories.

37. Unsweetened cocoa — To protect your heart

Unsweetened and organic cocoa is one of the most powerful sources of flavonols, a might nutrient that shields your heart against all ailments by relaxing your arteries and lowering your blood pressure levels. Feel free to devour unsweetened cocoa with plain yogurt instead of your regular cup of coffee and you’ll be surprise by a powerful kick of energy.

Unsweetened cocoa is also highly essential for controlling insulin sensitivity and enhancing the health of the brain.

38. Grapefruit — To fight fat

Grapefruits are one of the most powerful weight-loss foods as it is packed with naringenin, a nutrient that speeds up the fat burning process. Research reveals that it is one of the foods that help burn fats in the fastest way that will help you reduces inches in a matter of days.

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