52 Foods That Heal Common Health Problems

Nature has a host of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that energize the body, burn down excess fat, cure insomnia, sharpen the brain and relax rattled nerves. If you look at it with a positive outlook, nature makes sure that all your ailments and health qualms are cured without having to reach out for any kind of medications.

It’s important to provide yourself a wide range of variety in order to embrace a healthy and wholesome lifestyle. Most people eat out of boredom, while many eat more simply because the meals they eat aren’t nutritious and thus fail to satisfy their hunger.

If you eat healthy foods, even in smaller portions, you will find your body getting energetic, leaner, fitter and a reduction in your risk for developing harmful ailments like, diabetes, insomnia, depression, heart ailments and many more.

Natural remedies for gut health

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Here are 52 superfoods that will enhance your health and give your diet a delicious variety:

1. Strawberries — To prevent cancer

Strawberries are brimming with anti-oxidants and a wondrously powerful nutrient called fisetin, which is capable of eliminating the blood supplies of cancerous tumors, and putting an end to the growth of cancer cells. Strawberries are one of the most powerful cancer-fighting foods, along with being extremely healthy for the brain, and blood sugar levels.

Fiber in 1 Cup Strawberries

2. Walnuts — For your vision

These delicious nuts are packed with omega-3 fatty acids, essential nutrients that enhance your vision, and prevent your eyes from being attacked by spells of dryness or inflammation. Research reveals that walnuts are the best sources of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA0) a powerful form of omega-3 fatty acids that is highly effective at eliminating inflammation from the eyes, improving the health of the heart and regulating blood sugar levels.

What Nuts Help you Lose Weight

3. Baby Spinach — To manage menopause

This leafy green veggie has emerged as one of the best foods to manage the symptoms of menopause, by helping you cut down your weight. You see, when you’re overweight, the symptoms of menopause, such as night sweats and hot flashes, attack you with a fierceness.

But, according to research, if you begin a fruits and veggies diet to lose weight, you can bring an end to these horrid symptoms. Several studies have concluded that obesity prevents the body from release excess heat, and that leads to several ailments.

A plate full of baby spinach is your best pick to lose weight, for one cup full of these tiny green leaves pack up no more 7 calories and a whopping dose of iron to burn up your fats. Spinach will energize you, and satiate your hunger for a long time.

Spinach is not only ideal for weight loss, but it also prevents cancer, improves the health of the bones, and enhances the functioning of the heart.

Benefits of Spinach for Weight Loss

4. Chia seeds — To power your workout

Chia seeds are ideal to brim up your body with a mighty surge of energy to fuel a grueling workout at the gym. 1 ounce of chia seeds are a much healthier alternative for those supposedly healthy sports bar salads and protein shakes for it will fill up your body with a whopping 5g of protein to boost up your muscle recovery and strength.

Chia seeds are remarkable at lowering and regulating blood sugar levels, along with eliminating the symptoms of dry eyes.

How to Drink Chia Seeds to Lose Weight

5. Chicken breast — For more energy

Chicken breasts are packed with energy because they are rich in a certain type of protein that prevents serotonin from relaxing the body. Devouring chicken for lunch is a great trick to keep yourself alert and energetic during those horridly weary hours of the afternoon.

Chicken breast is a great weight loss food, and it also helps enhance the growth of your muscles

Healthy Chicken Recipes for Dieting

6. Barramundi — To lift your mood

This mighty fatty fish packs just as many omega-3 fatty acids as Salmon, and it is one of the best mood-uplifting foods that nature has to offer. Research reveals that barramundi is one of the best foods to reduce and eliminate the symptoms of depression, even in chronic cases.

Barramundi is also a great choice to fight away those drowsy bouts of fatigue, along with encouraging the strength and growth of your muscles.

Dory Fish Health Benefits

7. Collard greens — For your vision

These incredibly healthy leafy greens are extremely essential for a sharp and clear vision. Research reveals that collard greens are loaded with two essential antioxidants called lutein and zeaxanthin, which are also highly concentrated within the retinas of the eyes.

When you consume more of these essential antioxidants, it enhances your vision, and provides effective protection against cataracts, and macular degeneration. Collard greens are also highly effective at preventing cancer, and enhancing the health of the bones.

Collard Green Juice

8. Coconut oil — To manage menopause

Coconut essential oil is brimming with a highly important form of healthy fats referred to as medium chain triglycerides, which work to boost up the metabolism and trigger weight loss. By increasing your metabolism rate, and speeding up the fat burning process, coconut eliminates the symptoms the menopause, especially those hot flashes that leave you fatigued and drained.

Can Coconut Oil Help with Weight Loss

9. Arugula — To power your workout

Arugula is the most energizing food to fuel up your grueling workout as it has the highest concentration of nitrates, which enhance the delivery of oxygen that reaches the muscles along with preventing your muscles from getting weary and fatigued.

Arugula is also highly beneficial for improving the health of the heart, along with strengthening the bones.

Chicken Arugula Salad

10. Oysters — For more energy

These slippery sea delights are brimming with energy as they are the richest sources of iron that the nature has to offer. They energize the body by enhancing the supply of oxygen received by all the body organs, Oysters are wondrous at alleviating the symptoms of depression, along with enhancing the health of the brain.

Best Fish for Losing Weight

11. Lentils — To lift your mood

Lentils are remarkable mood-lifters, since they contain a powerful profile of folate, which aids the brain with the production of dopamine and serotonin. Research reveals that most depression patients tend to have highly depleted levels of folate in their bloodstream. A cup of lentils are a great pick to brim up your body with 90% of your daily folate requirement.

Lentils are also highly beneficial for regulating blood sugar levels, along with enhancing the digestion process.

Lentil Soup Weight Loss

12. Extra virgin olive oil — To keep your mind sharp

Olive oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which energize the body, aid the digestion process and sharpen your mind. If your diet is rich in olive oil, according to research, you cut down your risk for developing Alzheimer’s by a whopping 40%.

Olive oil is brimming with polyphenols that protect the brain cells, and prevent the attacks of free-radicals, which also prevents loss of memory. Extra virgin olive oil is highly beneficial for the heart, along with providing effective preventive care against all types of cancers.

Olive Oil Heart Attack

13. Popcorn — To protect your heart

Most people don’t know that popcorn is one of the healthiest heart-friendly snacks, for 3 cups of air-popped kernel pops are brimming with around 3.5g of fiber. They are free of fats, and packed with protective polyphenols, which make them healthy for both, the body and the brain.

Popcorns are great for weight loss, along with improving sleep quality.

Is Popcorn A Healthy Snack for Weight Loss

14. Fat-free or 1% milk — For sturdier bones

If you want to toughen up your bones, pick out fat-free milk varieties or even varieties with 1% milk for they have the richest concentration of essential nutrients, especially calcium, protein, Vitamin D, and potassium amongst countless others. These nutrients are highly effective at enhancing the sturdiness and strength of your bones. Fat-free milk varieties also help lose weight, and enhance the growth of one’s muscles.

Muscle Milk Lose Weight

15. Banana — To power your workout

Bananas are the best foods for a post-workout snack to energize your body and build up your strength. A recent research revealed that bananas are far more powerful than sports or energy drinks, and performance athletes must devour them generously.

Bananas are great for improving digestion, enhancing the health of the heart and improving sleep quality.

Are Bananas Good to Lose Weight

16. Oatmeal — To eliminate insomnia

Oatmeal is the healthiest carbohydrate snack to brim you up with tryptophan, a nutrient that encourages the production of serotonin in the brain, which leads to an increase in the production of melatonin within your body. This eliminates the symptoms of insomnia, and helps improve sleep quality.

Oatmeal is a remarkable superfood for regulating and controlling blood sugar levels, along with relieving digestive ailments.

Best Oatmeal to Eat to Lose Weight

17. Low-sodium vegetable juice — For more energy

Low-sodium veggie juice is rich in Vitamin A and C, fiber, beta-carotene, potassium and a whopping dose of lycopene. It’s your best pick to give your body a powerful boost of energy.

Is v8 Green Juice Good For You

18. Bran cereal — For more energy

Bran cereals are packed with fiber, and if you begin your day with a powerful dose of energy with a satiating bran cereal, you won’t have to battle fatigue and weariness throughout the day. Furthermore, several studies reveal that fiber-rich cereals are highly effective at flushing out toxins that drain energy from our brain.

These are your best picks for improving the health of the heart, along with regulating your blood sugar levels.

Is Cereal Bad for Weight Loss

19. Hemp seeds — To fight type 2 diabetes

Hemp seeds are one of the most effective super-foods to fight against the symptoms of diabetes type 2. They are also a rich source of protein, along with mighty omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), which is highly effective at enhancing the body’s sensitivity to insulin.

You can devour these crunchy delights with your regular cereals, or plain Greek yogurt. Hemp seeds are also amazingly effective at eliminating fatigue, and improving the health of your heart.

Hemp Protein Shake Recipes for Weight Loss

20. Dark chocolate chips — To fight fat

Contrary to what most people assume, dark chocolate chips are one best fat-burning foods that help you eat less while satiating your sugar cravings. They’re incredibly healthy, and remarkable for speeding up the metabolism.

Is Dark Chocolate Healthy for Weight Loss

21. Red Grapes — To keep your mind sharp

These scintillatingly juicy treats are one of the richest sources of an essential plant-based chemical that flushes out beta-amyloid plaques, which cause Alzheimer’s in the brain. If you add them to your regular diet, they will sharpen your mind and improve your memory. They’re also great for improving sleep quality, and enhancing the health of the heart.

Are Red Grapes Good for a Diet

22. Eggs — For your vision

Eggs are one the healthiest superfoods that pack up a strikingly impressive profile of nutrients, including zinc, zeaxanthin, vitamin D, lutein and iron. A daily breakfast consisting of a yoke-rich omelet is all you need to improve your vision, strengthen your brain, and regulate the blood sugar levels.

Eating Boiled Eggs to Lose Weight

23. Nori — To manage menopause

This salty sea delight is one of the most common sushi filling, and one of the richest sources of iodine that is essential for managing the symptoms of menopause. All it takes is one sheet of dry nori to brim your body with 70% of your daily requirement of iodine.

Nori is also highly beneficial for regulating blood sugar levels, shedding off unwanted pounds, and improving the health of the heart. You can enjoy this seaweed in your salads and soups.

Yaki Nori Nutrition

24. Turmeric — To lift your mood

This yellow Indian spice is one the best mood-lifting herbs that nature has to offer. Research reveals that turmeric is brimming with curcumin, a powerful natural compound that can fill up your brain with serotonin, the neurotransmitter responsible for making you feel happy.

Drinking Turmeric Water for Weight Loss

25. Tart cherry juice — To eliminate insomnia

Tart cherries are one of the richest and rarest natural sources of melatonin, a powerful hormone that is responsible for regulating the sleep cycle, along with be improving sleep quality, relieving the pain of sore muscles, relieving the pain associated with gout, along with reducing the risk for metabolic syndrome. All you need is two ounces of tart cherry juice to eliminate the symptoms of insomnia.

Cherry Juice Good for Arthritis

26. Romaine lettuce — To fight fat

This satiating leafy green veggie is a miraculous weight-loss food that work wonders on cutting down calories by 10% with every serving. If you devour 2 cups of romaine lettuce every day, you will nourish your body with a powerful dose of Vitamin A, and a whopping 113% of Vitamin K, one of the most essential bone building nutrient.

Harvesting Romaine Lettuce

27. Citrus — To protect your heart

Citrus is rich in an essential plant-based chemical referred to as hesperidin, which is essential for enhancing the blood flow that reaches the heart. Citrus also has a powerful Vitamin C profile that acts as a mighty shield against heart ailments and strokes.

Research reveals that individuals who have high levels of C in their blood cut down their chance for suffering a heart stroke by a whopping 42%. Citrus is a highly effective food for preventing all types of cancers, and relieving the symptoms of depression.

Blood Orange Juice Health Benefits

28. Edamame — To fight fat

Edamame is one of the best fat-burning foods which a rich profile of healthy fats, fiber a d protein to fill you up and keep you satiated for a very long time.

Is Edamame Paleo

29. Pumpkin seeds — To eliminate insomnia

Pumpkin seeds are the most effective natural remedy to relive the symptoms of insomnia and enhance sleep quality. After a tough day at work, all you need is a crunchy pumpkin seeds snack to control your blood sugar levels and give your heart a healthy boost.

1 ounce of pumpkin seeds pack up a whopping dose of magnesium to relax your muscles and help you get a good night’s sleep.

A little pumpkin seed snack will relax your rattled nerves and help regulate your blood sugar levels after

Pumpkin Seed Snack Recipe

30. Ginger — For a happier gut

Ginger is the healthiest gut-friendly Indian herb for relieving the symptoms of digestive ailments, arthritis, and nausea. It speeds up the digestion process to eliminate stomach ache, along with preventing the symptoms of cancer from attacking the body.

Ginger Water Weight Loss Recipe

31. Bok choy — For sturdier bones

Most leafy green veggies contain a powerful profile of calcium, but they also pack in a hefty amount of oxalates that prevent your body from fully absorbing calcium. Therefore, you must add bok choy to your daily diet since it’s extremely low in oxalates, and you need is 1 cooked cup of bok choy to enrich you with the same amount of calcium as half a glass of milk.

Research reveals that bok choy is highly beneficial for weight loss diets, relieving PMS discomforts, and alleviating the mood along with reducing the symptoms associated with depression.

Protein Diet to Lose Weight Fast Menu

32. Ricotta — To fight fat

Fat-free varieties of ricotta are your best pick for a powerful weight loss regime. You see, as we age our muscles lose their strength and agility, and naturally, their ability to fuel our metabolism gets adversely affected. Therefore, you must add up non-fat ricotta, made with whey protein, to fuel up your metabolism and speed up the fat burning process, along with building up the strength of your muscles.

Healthiest Cottage Cheese for Weight Loss

33. Black beans — To fight type 2 diabetes

Black beans are one of the mightiest sources of resistant starch, an essential form of carbohydrate that cannot be broken down by the body, and hence, it doesn’t increase the levels of blood glucose in the body.

Research reveals that black beans are one of the healthiest foods to fight diabetes type 2 because when the bacteria present within your digestive system ferment resistant starch, it triggers the production of certain compounds that enhance your body’s insulin resistance naturally.

Black beans are also a remarkable food to improve your digestion, and prevent the attack of all types of cancers.

Best Beans to Eat to Lose Weight

34. Salmon — To fight fat

Salmon is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids and a powerful profile of proteins, which take time to digest, burn heaps of calories, and keep you satiated for a very long time. All you need is 3 ounces of salmon to fill up your body with over 17g of protein and a hefty dose of essential fatty acids to keep you lean and healthy.

Fat Salmon

35. Apples — To protect your heart

You know what they say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. And that’s because an apple is one of the most powerful heart-healthy foods that prevent several heart ailments from plaguing your body. Apples are packed with fiber that flush out cholesterol, while their mighty profile of polyphenols provides a protective shield that prevents free-radicals from attacking the essential cholesterol needed by the body.

Research reveals that eating an apple a day reduces your bad LDL cholesterol levels by a whopping 40%. Apples are highly effective at cutting down extra pounds, improving digestion and eliminating the symptoms of asthma.

Origin of Apples

36. Melon — To fight fat

Melon is a remarkable fat-fighting food that will help you satiate your dessert cravings along with filling up your tummy with its thick, scintillatingly sweet slices, which pack no more than 45 calories.

Is Cantaloupe Good for Weight Loss

37. Unsweetened cocoa — To protect your heart

Unsweetened and organic cocoa is one of the most powerful sources of flavonols, a might nutrient that shields your heart against all ailments by relaxing your arteries and lowering your blood pressure levels. Feel free to devour unsweetened cocoa with plain yogurt instead of your regular cup of coffee and you’ll be surprise by a powerful kick of energy.

Unsweetened cocoa is also highly essential for controlling insulin sensitivity and enhancing the health of the brain.

Cacao Antioxidant

38. Grapefruit — To fight fat

Grapefruits are one of the most powerful weight-loss foods as it is packed with naringenin, a nutrient that speeds up the fat burning process. Research reveals that it is one of the foods that help burn fats in the fastest way that will help you reduces inches in a matter of days.

Origin of Grapefruit

39. Tomato sauce — For sturdier bones

Experts recommend devouring 1 cup of organic homemade tomato sauce to build up the strength and sturdiness of its bones. Research reveals that 1 cup of tomato cause is packed with 17% potassium, which is far greater than that of a banana. It’s all you need to trigger the process of buffering acid that provides additional support to your skeleton, along with producing calcium within your bones.

Tomato sauce is highly effective for improving the health of the heart, and shielding the body against all types of cancers.

Tomato Juice Weight Loss

40. Bell peppers — To fight fat

Colorful bell peppers are one of the most effective weight loss foods. They are brimming with Vitamin C, and one bell pepper a day is all you need to nourish your body with twice your daily requirement of this essential nutrient.

Weight Loss Chili

41. Pumpkin — For your vision

Canned pumpkin are remarkably effective at improving the vision and relieving the symptoms of eye-related ailments. All you need is half a cup of canned pumpkin to enrich your body with a whopping 136% of Vitamin A, and no more than 42 calories.

Pumpkin is highly effective at regulating blood sugar levels and preventing sugar spikes. It is also one of the most powerful foods for a cancer protection diet regime, along with enhancing the health of the heart.

Sugar Free Pumpkin Recipes

42. Quinoa — For a happier gut

Quinoa is one of the healthiest gut-friendly foods that nature has to offer, and its unique profile of rare starches are a powerful cure to reduce and eliminate the growth of stomach ulcers. Research reveals that the starches found in this wondrous ancient grain create a protective barrier around the lining of your stomach to prevent ulcer-triggering bacteria from attacking your stomach.

Quinoa is also highly effective at reducing and regulating blood sugar levels, improving the health of the heart, and trigger weight loss to help you achieve a lean, healthy body.

Does Quinoa Help Lose Weight

43. Nuts — To fight fat

Nuts are an essential part of a weight loss diet regime because they are packed with healthy fats, fiber, and a satiating trifecta of protein that will help you shed off those awful extra pounds. However, be sure not to eat too many because that will only increase the calorie count.

It’s always a good idea to shop nuts in their shells as that slows down your speed of devouring these crunchy treats.

What Nuts Help You Lose Weight

44. Shitake mushrooms — To prevent cancer

These delicious mushrooms are one of the most powerful and rare sources of lentinan, an essential fiber that prevents cancer by slowing down the growth of tumors. Shitake mushrooms are also packed with zinc, which enhances the immune system, triggers weight loss and improves the health of the heart.

Reishi Mushroom Benefits Diabetes

45. Plain Yogurt — To prevent cancer

Plain, fat-free and unflavored yogurt is the most remarkable foods for a cancer preventive diet regime. A recent study revealed that individuals who devoured plain yogurt on a daily basis cut down their risk for developing colon cancer by 35%. Furthermore, this protein-rich dairy food is amazingly healthy for the digestive system, it contributes to the DNA repair process and it is also highly effective for regulating blood pressure levels to prevent hypertension.

Is Eating Yogurt Everyday Healthy

46. Barley — For more energy

Barley is one of the heartiest and healthiest of grains, and one of the richest sources of beta-glucan, which are powerful cholesterol-flushing fibers that are also present in oats. Barley is all need to give your body a powerful dose of energy.

Diabetes Treatment with Wheat Barley

47. Sprouted Grain English Muffins — To fight type 2 diabetes

A popular English remedy to prevent and reduce the symptoms of diabetes type 2. Sprouted grains hail from the family of whole grains, which reduce the speed at which glucose mixes up in your bloodstream and every single type you devour 2 of these muffins, you cut down your risk for contracting diabetes by a whopping 21%.

These sprouted grain muffins are a great choice for a weight loss regime, or a cancer preventive diet.

Muffin English

48. Watercress — To prevent cancer

An essential leafy green that is immensely powerful at preventing various types of cancers. It is packed with a powerful burst of glucosinolates, which are essential plant-based chemicals that shield the body against the attack of lung, colon and breast cancers.

Watercress is also highly essential for building up the strength of one’s bones, along with enhancing the immunity of the body against harmful bacteria and infections.

Best Watercress Salad

49. Chili Powder — To fight fat

Research reveals that since the incredibly spicy chili powder is packed with capsinoid oil, it is a powerful food to trigger the fat burning process and shed those extra pounds from the belly area. Experts believe that consuming 6g of capsinoid oil every single day can help you bring a dramatic weight loss transformation.

Is Chili Good for a Diet

50. Buckwheat Soba Noodles — To fight type 2 diabetes

Research reveals that buckwheat soba noodles are the best food to fight the symptoms of type 2 diabetes along with effective preventive care. If you have a magnesium deficiency, you are at a greater risk for developing type 2 diabetes.

Buckwheat flour is amazingly rich in magnesium, and all you need is half a cup to brim yourself with 50% of your entire daily requirement of this essential mineral that scares away type 2 diabetes like no other.

Buckwheat flour is also highly effective for improving the sleep cycle and quality, along with improving digestion and enhancing the health of the heart.

How to make Soba Noodles

51. Green Tea —

Green tea is packed with antioxidant polyphenols, which prevent beta-amyloids from attacking your memory and robbing you of your memories. It is essential to keep your mind vigilantly active and sharp. Green tea also helps shed off unwanted pounds, along with improving your dental health and the strength of your teeth.

Green Tea Matcha Health Benefits

52. Kefir — For a happier gut

Kefir is the healthiest gut-friendly tonic that contains a twelve times more essential probiotic bacteria as opposed to yogurt. It’s highly effective for relieving digestive ailments, along with providing protection against cancer. Kefir is also great for energizing the bout to overcome bouts of fatigue, along with relieving the pain that accompanies PMS.

How to use Kefir for Weight Loss

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